Project Location

Raleigh, NC



“They downsized from a house with more than 3,000 square feet to one that is half that size, cutting their property taxes in half and their aggravation even more.”

The couple began by figuring out how much space they actually used — about 1,300 square feet.

Then they started looking around. They wanted to stay in the same neighborhood, so Troy, who is now 17, and John, now 13, would not have to change schools. Last year, they found what they were looking for: a 1954 ranch house, just around the corner, that was 1,215 square feet, with three small bedrooms, a dining room that was partly open to the living room, a separate kitchen, a small screened-in porch and a classic peaked roof. The Kellys sold their old home for $675,000 and paid $245,000 for the new one.

The renovation cost a little more than $300,000. Working with Richard Hall Designs, a local firm, the Kellys kept the house’s original footprint and left the bedrooms where they were. But they knocked down the walls separating the kitchen and the dining and living rooms, and extended the roofline from the carport, creating a great room with ceilings that rise to 13 feet. And at one end of the house, they installed a wall of glass, with NanaWall glass doors that open onto a 15-by-45-foot deck.


“Using the NanaWall operable glass walls presented an opening to bring in the pool deck and an exterior view without any obstructions. I am very satisfied with the outcome.”

“Our ambition as architects for this home was not simply to frame the view but to become one with the landscape. The NanaWall system achieved this in one elegant and dramatic gesture.” 

"NanaWall allowed us to create uninterrupted views to the Chesapeake Bay and open the west wall of the Loblolly House, effectively transforming the interior of the house into a porch." 

"During the mild winter months in South Florida, we can open our NanaWall system and bring the indoors and outdoors together. During our humid summers, we can shut out the weather but are still able to view our beautiful outdoor environment.” 




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