Project Location

Champaign, IL


Cannon Design



“This flexibility allows teachers to gain access to shared resources and adapt space for small and large groups as well as project-based learning activities.” 

Performance and Design

The NanaWall operable glass walls solve a number of issues at once that another product or system could not, according to Cannon Design: The SL45 top-hung system ensures no student will trip between the interior and exterior spaces, ideal for handicapped students. The glass and aluminum system is easy to clean. The acoustics are excellent. And NanaWall is essential for allowing natural daylight to filter into each classroom, in a space with few windows.

The unique glass partition usage reflects the unique teaching techniques at use at Booker T. Washington STEM Academy. “They get direct instruction in one topic, but they go out and apply it in a larger context,” says Trung Le, principal at Cannon Design. “That’s how it will work on the job.”

At the Booker T. Washington school, teachers have the tools to act as facilitators, establishing the necessary foundation so students can engage in higher level questioning, problem solving, collaboration and hands-on-activities.


"When the NanaWall system is open, the space works as a multi-purpose room. When closed, it creates space for two diverse uses: an intimate and private student lounge on one side and a more active space on the other.”

"The NanaWall system takes advantage of a fine climate much of the year and accommodates groups of 100 or more children for popular story hours. The south orientation is dealt with by the use of low-e glass."

“The multi-use space that we designed to adjoin two classrooms needed great visibility and flexibility, with good acoustic separation. The NanaWall not only does this, it’s easy to operate and beautiful.”

"All other systems we considered were complicated, inflexible, and did not support our design goal of an integrated window wall that completely opened to the outdoors. The NanaWall system was easy to install and our students and teachers love to use it.” 



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