Project Location

Dallas, TX


SHW Group Inc.



“The NanaWall maximized the view and flexibility of the space when open or closed.”

Creating Educational FlexSpace

Once the common wall is removed between classrooms, teachers and students have access to flex spaces. To do this, SHW Group used a V shape to cuts into the traditional rectangular space of the existing rooms. By making three rooms out of the space normally utilized for two rooms, SHW decreased the costs. 

The firm favors the NanaWall products over other options and brands. “It is a very elegant and simple system that is safe and easy for teachers and students to use,” says Judd.


"When the NanaWall system is open, the space works as a multi-purpose room. When closed, it creates space for two diverse uses: an intimate and private student lounge on one side and a more active space on the other.”

"The NanaWall system takes advantage of a fine climate much of the year and accommodates groups of 100 or more children for popular story hours. The south orientation is dealt with by the use of low-e glass."

“The multi-use space that we designed to adjoin two classrooms needed great visibility and flexibility, with good acoustic separation. The NanaWall not only does this, it’s easy to operate and beautiful.”

"All other systems we considered were complicated, inflexible, and did not support our design goal of an integrated window wall that completely opened to the outdoors. The NanaWall system was easy to install and our students and teachers love to use it.” 




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