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Case Study: CompTIA Office

Occupying a Capital Hill rowhouse, the Computing Technology Industry Association, or CompTIA, planned a move into a new facility unsuited to the trade group's mission – educating and advocating for IT professionals and companies. KUBE Architecture's renovation was geared toward transforming the dark and uninviting space into a bright, sustainable and state-of-the-art workplace befitting the tech-savvy organization.

Flexible Solution: Open Collaborative Space and Private Conference Room

With "order and light" as the watchwords of the renovation project, KUBE set about finding ways to create a feeling of openness, much of which was accomplished by defining individual offices as “additive volumes” – essentially interior glass boxes made with light metal partitions. For CompTIA's conference room, on the other hand, the group needed a flexible solution that offered both openness and privacy: "The owners desired privacy for conferences, and openness for gatherings," recalls Janet Bloomberg, AIA, a partner with KUBE Architecture. "We achieved both with the use of a folding glass wall from NanaWall."

"We selected NanaWall for the CompTIA office renovation for two reasons: openness and flexibility."

Privacy Through Sound Attenuation

For a large opening separating the conference space from the rest of the office, KUBE specified five panels of NanaWall's SL45 Aluminum Framed Folding System. The top-hung folding door system allows the space to serve as a completely enclosed and private conference space benefitting from NanaWall's robust sound attenuation properties, says Bloomberg. But with a quick change, the SL45 suddenly opens for a gathering space and function room that is completely integrated with the rest of the facility.

This feat of flexibility could not be achieved with conventional sliding glass doors and partitions, according to the KUBE and CompTIA project team.

KUBE's design also employs the folding glass wall as part of the design's natural daylighting strategy, and a sleek addition to the new modern look of the renovated complex. 

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