Project Location

Houston, TX



Because of the seamless opening customers scan the displays with a glance and then stream in without jostling a stranger.

Remove the Barrier

Looking at the stores around Cotton On, it is obvious that traditional design—fixed windows and narrow openings—hampers their visual appeal. Cotton On, on the other hand, has an opening that is broad, translucent and variable. The NanaWalls provide other benefits. The sealed and secure façade, for example, protects the store from dust, debris and intruders. The glass walls have a long life cycle and if ever Cotton On moves, the space will remain an attractive location to a future retailer.


“We selected the NanaWall system with its clean lines and attractive aesthetic but what made the decision easy was the NanaWall systems’ ability to withstand the challenging estuarial environment, making it the perfect solution for our project.”

“Our goal was to create the casual feeling of indoor/outdoor environment, with the flexibility of allowing the space to spill out to provide a colorful, inviting entry or to be closed off for private events.”


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