Project Location

Cologne, Germany


sop architects



Total Flexibility

When needed, the closed system’s thermally broken panel design and insulated laminated glass provide not only a warm barrier but also the acoustical buffering needed in this office environment—all while reinforcing the overall translucent design intended by the architects. For traffic flow and convenience, the system is outfitted with four integrated swing doors that glide out of the way with the rest of the panels when the system is opened. The engineering of the self-guided wheel technology makes the panels easy to move with a single hand.

Now the fully completed DEG campus headquarters is home to two bridged modern office buildings that embrace natural light and transparency. The enhanced designs promote connectivity and interaction with the outdoor spaces creating one truly transcendent yet fully flexible and functional cloud-like sculpture center stage.

"The team at NanaWall helped us develop an opaque sound deadening glazing system that afforded the privacy we needed, yet the flexibility to combine smaller spaces to accomodate larger groups. Oppenness and performance all in one."

“We selected NanaWall for two reasons: openness and flexibility. The owners desired privacy for conferences, and openness for gatherings—we achieved both with the use of a folding glass wall from NanaWall.”

“With the curved 60’ wide NanaWall folding glass wall, it was possible to achieve a dramatic visual continuity while respecting the absolute privacy required by a law firm. The resulting flexibility of usage is invaluable.”

“NanaWall makes it easy to change the dynamics of the space with the simple slide of a wall and the functionality and flexibility it provides to our client is invaluable.” 


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