Project Location

Orlando, Florida



Research-Based Solution:

Flavor Lab R&D Facility, Walt Disney World, Orlando

Conferencing for Collaboration

With a global approach and innovation, Walt Disney World makes its theme parks a continual draw with food and beverage choices appealing to international palates. To inform Disney’s menu, a 7,000-square-foot Flavor Lab designed in 2016 by Disney’s in-house team with Hiatt Architecture + Interiors required conference rooms with operable glass walls to reflect its collaborative ethos. The flexible interiors would convert from two separate rooms to one larger private room and to a completely open area. Structural limitations of existing curtain wall and glass partitions, however, added a challenge. Even more so, layouts called for integral glass swinging doors in two operable glass panels to meet egress codes and facilitate work activities.

User-Centric Design

Disney worked with NanaWall’s design team to specify an HSW60 system with a T-Intersection design, with operable glass walls easily manipulated to create one or two conference rooms or to open fully. Two incorporated swing panels (ISPs), placed precisely where needed, resolve both traffic flow and code-mandated egress. An animation of the solution, created by NanaWall, showed how wall sections stack neatly and symmetrically to the sides, framing the main single track. The long side of the T-intersection facing the corridor includes the ISP door openings, allowing Disney team members to easily move from one room to another. In this way, the Flavor Lab offers three options in one space with no interrupting columns when all glass walls are retracted.

Function and Form

With three functions in one, and a space 95% open to the rest of the floor, Disney achieved their main goal of greater efficiency and enhanced organizational collaboration. The large ISP swing doors meet egress codes and allow smooth movement throughout. Retracted and stacked, the interior partitions systems make way for larger meetings and events -- an easy, comfortable way for Flavor Lab staff to test new food service equipment, cooking processes, and even wine pairings for Disney’s hundreds of food-and-beverage stations. The NanaWall HSW60 T-Intersection is yet another way Walt Disney World gets to market faster and better than its competitors