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21st Century Schools - Santa Monica College exterior aluminum sliding glass walls

21st Century Schools Promote Flexible Learning Environments in The Classroom and Beyond

NanaWall exterior operable glass walls installed within an educational environment create enhanced learning experiences for 21st Century Schools.

NanaWall operable glass walls eliminate barriers for flexible classrooms that adapt to the needs of students and educators. Fresh air circulation and abundant daylight filter through these large exterior openings ensuring a healthy and engaging ecosystem.

Recreation area with folding glass walls

A Flexible Solution for 21st Century Schools

As education becomes more focused on providing the technical knowledge students will require to succeed in the future, schools need more flexible classrooms. Exterior operable glass walls advance the capabilities of classrooms implementing the ever-developing curriculums of 21st Century schools. NanaWall systems enable flexible teaching spaces that extend classrooms to outdoor learning environments and immersive educational interactions.

Structure for Student Engagement and Advanced Curriculums

21st Century schools convert classrooms into indoor/outdoor learning spaces reaping the benefits of natural daylight and fresh air circulation. Students are more engaged in the curriculum presented and retain valuable information in naturally stimulating educational spaces that also secure their health and wellbeing. NanaWall exterior operable glass walls eliminate solid wall barriers for extendable classrooms and enhanced learning capabilities.

21st Century Schools exterior glass wall systems

A Long-Lasting Solution

All our exterior glass wall systems are customizable, based on the needs of your educational facility. 21st Century schools can also leverage NanaWall solutions in other rooms, such as the auditorium, library, or cafeteria. Built with performance in mind, these operable glass walls offer protection from inclement weather when closed and can reduce sound transmission offering a safe, distraction-free learning environment for students and educators.

To see how some of the country’s most innovative schools use NanaWall operable glass walls to create 21st Century schools, read the case studies below:

 school classroom opening in a wall to let in air or light

School Design: Open Air Classrooms Boost Learning, Health, and Wellbeing

Open air classrooms were once the solution that helped decrease the spread of tuberculosis within schools in the early 20th century.

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Palo Alto Children's Library

At this historic children’s library in Palo Alto CA, a NanaWall SL45 system aptly links the “Secret Garden” exterior with the multipurpose room interior allowing in natural light, fresh air and creating flexible space.

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Spring Valley Academy’s New Worship Center

The founders of Spring Valley Academy were determined to produce an event center that would be the crown jewel of the school. Learn how a NanaWall SL70 made the Fritzsche Center for Worship and the Performing Arts shine.

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St. Francis High School

The thermally broken NanaWall design provides a high level of insulative value, as well, helping the St. Francis High School to achieve its current status as a model of sustainable, passive-energy design.

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West Valley College

To solve a pedestrian circulation problem created by the addition of a new Campus Center to the West Valley College campus between two preexisting plazas, two NanaWall SL70 systems were installed with great success.

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21st Century Schools Classroom with opened cornerless folding walls

Tarbut V’Torah

In 2017, Irvine-based school, Tarbut V’Torah (TVT), added the MAKER building to its 21.5-acre hillside campus. The new structure creates a 21st Century educational experience for its K-5 students.

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21st Century Schools - Santa Monica College exterior aluminum sliding glass walls

Santa Monica College

After obtaining the commission to design the new Performance Arts’ East Wing at Santa Monica College, the DLR Group needed a way to enclose the 4550 square foot music hall. The music hall was designed to be a unique, flexible performance space.

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21st Century School design at Rio del Sol Academy with opening glass walls

Designing 21st Century Classrooms as Collaborative Hubs

To attain forward-thinking school design, Rio Del Sol entrusted the project of their new imaginative campus to Architecture for Education. The Pasadena, CA based company worked closely with the school district to accomplish a dynamic layout of buildings around a central unifying courtyard.

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21st Century School design at Rio del Sol Academy with opening glass walls

A School’s Modern Take on Chapel Design

Welcoming students with a modern take on chapel design, Saint Mary’s College High School’s new sanctuary offers a peaceful space for meditation and worship.

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historic brownstones in NYC with modern school design with folding glass walls

Historic Architecture Meets Modern School Design

21st Century school design aims to equip campuses with innovative solutions that meet modern day learning standards. In a unique turn of events, preserving the old was deemed a priority in an extensive renovation at this Eastern educational institution.

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STEM classroom design with opening glass walls

Successful STEM Classroom Design for 21st Century Learning

Facilitating spaces for hands-on learning, robotics equipment, and collaboration is at the root of STEM classroom design.

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