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collaboration hub in elementary school with acoustic moveable glass walls in classrooms

Promote Flexible Learning Environments In The Classroom And Beyond

NanaWall acoustic moveable glass walls installed within an educational environment create enhanced learning experiences for 21st Century Schools.

NanaWall FlexSpace offers the ability to create optimized floor plans and increase flexibility within classrooms, auditoriums, libraries, and student centers. This flexibility allows teachers to gain access to shared resources and adapt space for varying sized groups as well as project-based learning activities. Acoustic moveable glass walls enable multiple room layouts without costly building additions while providing interiors with increased natural daylight and private, transparent divisions when needed.

21st Century classrooms joined with acoustic moveable glass walls to form flexspace for collaboration

An Easy-to-Operate Flexible Solution for Modern-Day Classrooms

Creating a flexible classroom configuration with NanaWall FlexSpace solutions optimizes the limited floor space within the building envelope which translates into reduced construction costs. NanaWall acoustic moveable glass walls enable multiple room layout configurations within a single space, open transitional areas within campus traffic centers, and create light infused learning environments.

computer classroom lab with acoustic moveable glass walls with segemented curve design

Enhance Learning with Collaborative Spaces

With NanaWall acoustic moveable glass walls, schools can craft learning environments that open young minds to new ideas and knowledge. Seamlessly integrated opening glass wall dividers give teachers the ability to extend their classrooms into collaborative learning spaces where students can explore their curiosity. Acoustic moveable glass walls allow increased visibility and access to daylight, but still reduce sound, for distraction-free learning.

interior acoustic moveable glass walls while allowing maximal transparency and natural daylight to interior spaces

Acoustic Moveable Glass Walls—A Long-Lasting Solution

All of our interior acoustic moveable glass walls are customizable to the needs of your school. Engineered with the success of students in mind, NanaWall acoustic interior glass walls can reach up to STC 45 while allowing maximal transparency and natural daylight to interior spaces. These walls open and stack out of the way completely eliminating barriers. Our interior sills, designed specifically for interior applications, achieve ADA compliance in school settings where the safety of students is paramount.

To see how some of the country's most innovative schools use NanaWall interior acoustic movable glass walls to create collaborative classrooms, read the use cases below:

Booker T. Washington STEM Academy

At Booker T. Washington Elementary, NanaWall operable glass walls enable multiple room configurations and sizes without building additional space-creating educational FlexSpace.

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Burleson Elementary

To optimize the limited floor space and increase the classroom flexibility at Burleson Elementary, two NanaWall SL45 systems replaced fixed walls to create a new multipurpose FlexSpace.

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Granger Elementary

Texas Association of School Boards needed a solution to modernize its elementary schools without costly additions. The resulting NanaWall FlexSpace has increased classroom flexibility allowing for varying classroom sizes and requirements.

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United Nations International School

The design team specified NanaWall’s HSW60 Single Track Sliding System as the solution for a transparent, segmented, interior division that required no floor track and a unique docking bay for the panels.

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West Valley College

To solve a pedestrian circulation problem created by the addition of a new Campus Center to the West Valley College campus between two preexisting plazas, two NanaWall SL70 systems were installed with great success.

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students sitting inside library room with opening glass walls

Acoustic Glass Wall Systems Create Flexible Scholastic Space

Monsignor Farrell High School, situated in New York City’s southernmost borough of Staten Island, is one of the many schools adapting 21st Century learning spaces within their campus with acoustic glass wall systems.

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students sitting inside library room with opening glass walls

St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School

BBS Architects, Landscape Architects and Engineers of Patchogue, N.Y., has completed a $2.08-million redesign and renovation of an 8,200-square-foot St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School library.

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teacher standing and students in collaboration hub with folding glass walls

Designing 21st Century Classrooms as Collaborative Hubs

To attain forward-thinking school design, Rio Del Sol entrusted the project of their new imaginative campus to Architecture for Education. The Pasadena, CA based company worked closely with the school district to accomplish a dynamic layout of buildings around a central unifying courtyard.

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acoustic moveable glass walls allowing air flow and natural daylight to interior school design

Bringing Wellness in Education

Think back to when you were a student; was school stressful? At this moment you might say “no” because you’ve been exposed to the stress of adult life.

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students sitting inside library with acoustic moveable glass walls as partition

Scholastic Renovations Transform Education

21st Century school design typically revolves around creating open and shared use spaces that utilize brighter interiors and seamless transitions between various spaces.

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Sanders Memorial Elementary School

Learn how this STEAM Magnet school embraces 21St Century school design with FoldFlat adaptable transparent walls to create flexible classrooms and collaborative space.

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Hadley Junior High School

With the goal of creating an agile and exciting destination for learning, the Demonstration Lab was formed within this school’s library.

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Lubbock Cooper East Elementary in Texas

Pre-K Learning Hub Design Launches Student’s Academic Journey

Preschool is the initiation of a child’s academic journey where the nurturing of new skills and curiosity aims to prepare students for educational success. Lubbock Cooper East Elementary in Texas takes this methodology and combines it with 21st Century school design.

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Lubbock Cooper East Elementary in Texas

Elementary School Designed Around Collaborative Learning Hubs

Through their educational journey, students undergo significant changes as their cognitive abilities magnify at each grade level. Learning spaces change and develop, much as the brain does.

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career and technical education center for high school students to learn with folding glass walls

Innovative Design Cultivates Bright Futures with Career and Technical Education Wing

Career and technical education (CTE) is nurturing young minds for success after high school. As the workplace shifts towards employing based on specific skill sets it is imperative that students learn vocational skills prior to entering the global workforce.

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STEM classroom design with opening glass walls

Successful STEM Classroom Design for 21st Century Learning

Facilitating spaces for hands-on learning, robotics equipment, and collaboration is at the root of STEM classroom design.

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Lubbock Cooper School District eBook

Learn how this school district leveraged 21st Century school design strategies to ensure scholastic success across all grade levels. NanaWall systems enable dynamic classroom layouts on the fly. Merging one, two, or more classrooms into unifying, collaborative learning hubs.

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Educational Design Solutions eBook

Explore 21st Century Learning Hub Designs across all grade levels and product types and see how NanaWall opening glass walls provide flexibility, sound control, ease of operation, security, and wellness for students and teachers alike.

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