Hawaii Coastal Residence

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Kamuela, HI


Dinmore & Cisco AIA

Case Study: Hawaii Coastal Residence

Kamulela, known by the locals as Waimea, lies on the northern part of Hawaii's Big Island, a short drive north and west from Mauna Kea, the island's highest volcanic peak. With shoreline to three sides and a mountain peak to the fourth, it's only natural that residents and proprietors of lodgings would look for ways to expand their views and remove obstructions from sightlines. NanaWall is a frequent choice, for good reason.

Time for a Remodel

"When we purchased the house, we knew we needed and wanted to do a major remodel," relates Joe Matza, a technology industry executive and resident on Kamuela's shoreline. "One of the best features of the house is its amazing ocean view. Before construction, the view was limited to 16 feet of sliding doors. We decided early on that we wanted twice that area, and we wanted the opening to be as free of glass as possible when the doors were open."

Few systems could offer what Matza wanted. Either the framing or the glass door itself would partially obstruct the view. "Our first design included multi-track pocket sliders. To use the sliders we had to give up five feet of deck space to park the door panels," Matza recalls. "We didn't like that."

"I like NanaWall because we could design for the maximum opening size with the smallest door footprint."

Maximizing on Unobstructed Views

Matza eventually came across NanaWall while researching solutions online, and decided on a span of NanaWall's SL60 Thermally Broken Aluminum Framed Folding System, with a Screen Classic component. With its single track, and a substantial reduction in the amount of space occupied by the doors when fully open, Matza had found a solution that works.

"I like NanaWall because we could design for the maximum opening size with the smallest door footprint," he says.

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