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Commercial moveable glass walls - Ocean view floor with multiple opening sliding glass doors

NanaWall commercial moveable glass walls in health care environments bring the health benefits of openness, natural daylighting, and ventilation.

NanaWall commercial moveable glass walls extend living spaces and takes advantage of the surrounding landscape and climate which translates into a greater sense of wellbeing for the residents. At the same time, a NanaWall system also provides practical benefits such facilitating free-flowing patient traffic, space management and sound attenuation.

lunch room with moveable patio doors

Health and Wellness Prioritized

Commercial moveable glass walls in health care and assisted living exterior applications aid in the heath improvement of their residents. Constant natural air circulation and daylight are paramount in the efforts to improve health and wellbeing. The ability of NanaWall commercial moveable glass walls to transform these wellness-centered spaces into comfortable indoor/outdoor retreats is paramount to ensure a peaceful stay for their residents.

Commercial moveable glass walls

Utmost Safety and Comfort with Commercial Moveable Glass Walls

NanaWall systems offers the ADA compliant sills needed to ensure a safe barrier-free environment for both patients and caregivers. Our glass wall products are available in models that are top-hung with an option of no floor track required or floor supported with sills that have inserts that meet compliance. In an environment where safety and comfort are of top priority, commercial moveable glass walls are easily operable regardless of size.

folding-moveable glass walls in second floor building with view to the ocean

A Long-Lasting Solution

NanaWall’s exterior commercial moveable glass walls are customizable to the varying needs of health care and assisted living facilities. Built with performance in mind, these systems feature sound control and thermal attributes that ensure a comfortable, peaceful atmosphere. When closed, commercial moveable glass walls offer protection from inclement weather while also providing serene views to the outdoors.

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Querencia at Barton Creek

Essential to the Querencia facility, is a “cultural marriage between natural world and Austin.” The NanaWall installation in the Fitness and Wellness Center and Art Studio not only enhances but symbolizes this marriage.

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Timber Ridge at Talus

The firm who worked on this senior-living project was looking for an opening that would allow for an uninterrupted link between the shared spaces of the lobby and the terrace. It also had to integrate flawlessly with the project’s unique “Northwest lodge aesthetic.”

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