Project Location

Hollywood, CA


Frank Lloyd Wright



“If it were anybody else's house, it would be weird to make one's bathroom the highlight of a house tour, but the NanaWall windows take everyone’s breath away.”

The renovation wasn’t as simple as removing a fixed window. “Our historic home had a screened-in porch that ran along the back of the second story,” Meirzwa states. “It had a nice view, but because it was behind the stucco back wall of our small bathroom, we only used it for storage. Without changing the exterior of the house, I used NanaWall operable glass walls to fit the existing screen openings and extended the master bath to the new windows.”

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“The NanaWall corner units fit flawlessly into our environmentally-driven home, welcoming in the natural aura of the outdoors. The glass walls connect to the landscape, providing a tremendous amount of insulation and natural light.”

“NanaWall transitions the inside to the outdoors beautifully and transparently. During the winter, we close the large glass walls and enjoy our snowy views without worry of any draft or moisture inside.”






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