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Frank Lloyd Wright



Case Study: Hollywood Hills Residence

When Patrushkha Mierzwa renovated her 1909 Mt. Washington bathroom, she paid homage to her home’s Frank Lloyd Wright prairie-style influences. Mierzwa had already remodeled most of the house and gardens with this in mind. Wright’s beliefs are practically sacred: Employ solid construction and craftsmanship; use strong horizontal lines and overhanging eaves; apply natural materials from the area; and add interesting geometric designs.

A purveyor of open-space planning, Wright dispensed with the claustrophobic Victorian rooms of his day. Instead, he believed in creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. He achieved this with cantilevered porches and large windows that brought in daylight and ventilation.

Meirzwa knew how to honor Wright: She installed a NanaWall system in her bathroom.

“If it were anybody else's house, it would be weird to make one's bathroom the highlight of a house tour, but the NanaWall windows take everyone’s breath away.”

The renovation wasn’t as simple as removing a fixed window. “Our historic home had a screened-in porch that ran along the back of the second story,” Meirzwa states. “It had a nice view, but because it was behind the stucco back wall of our small bathroom, we only used it for storage. Without changing the exterior of the house, I used NanaWall operable glass walls to fit the existing screen openings and extended the master bath to the new windows.”

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