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NanaWall opening glass walls enable the hotelier to create large inviting entrances in the lobby area and throughout the hotel.

Commercial sliding glass door systems incorporate beautiful views, hotel landscaping, natural daylight and fresh air into the registration, dining, and guest room areas, ensuring a memorable first and lasting impression.

Hotel Exterior WD65_Hilton_Hawaii_Village_Honolulu_HI

Beautiful Commercial Sliding Glass Door Systems for Premium Hotels

Let in sunlight and fresh air while incorporating beautiful views with commercial sliding glass door systems. NanaWall folding and sliding glass walls empower hoteliers to craft unforgettable guest experiences. Our customizable solutions extend guest areas to the outdoors, providing a seamless transition between an indoor environment and a breathtaking view.

Blur the Line between Indoors and Out for Unique Guest Experiences

NanaWall systems bring value to hotels by providing a unique guest experience. Customized commercial sliding glass door systems allow for seamless transitions between the building interior and exterior. Hoteliers can extend their restaurant, bar, or lounge areas to an outdoor patio, balcony, or terrace. Food and Beverage space that incorporate views and hotel grounds have patrons linger longer to enjoy the offerings.

Long-Term Performance, Open or Closed

When closed, NanaWall exterior commercial folding and commercial sliding glass door systems maintain a comfortable indoor environment, dampening sound, and keeping out the elements all while still providing a connection to the outdoors. Even in extreme weather conditions, NanaWall products offer world-class performance.

To see how some of the world's top hotel brands leveraged NanaWall solutions to create impeccable guest experiences, check out the use cases below:

Hotel Indigo

To create a unique and memorable guest experience, Hotel Indigo opens its roof deck to outstanding views at this San Diego CA location with a NanaWall SL70 system.

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Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty–Six

During its recent multi-million-dollar renovation, the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six added an aesthetic, flexible solution to dividing and closing off its restaurant area.

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Hyatt Regency Waikiki

A unique and memorable guest experience was created by opening up this lobby of Hyatt Regency Waikiki with NanaWall SL45 systems to the gorgeous environment beyond.

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L'Auberge Del Mar

L’Auberge guests can relax on the expansive deck, eat in two different restaurants, or stroll down a private path to the beach. “Relaxing by day and spirited by night” is the owners’ mantra, and the amenities and atmosphere support this philosophy.

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Shore Hotel

At Shore Hotel in San Diego CA, the meeting room itself is multifunctional: during the day it hosts meeting functions and, come evening time, is transformed into a lounge.

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Hotel Exterior-Lobby

How Hotels Can Tap into Wellness Tourism

Travelers select hotels where they believe they can best relax, destress, and find wellness. The priority on self-care in travel is confirmed by the $639 billion Wellness Tourism industry.

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Retail Exterior SL45_Hyatt_Regency_Waikiki_Beach_HI Food and Beverage Space

How to Maximize ROI in Hotel Food and Beverage Space

As a trend of more discerning customers has emerged in the hotel industry, interest in hotel food and beverage space (F&B) has declined. However, just as trends are perpetually in flux, interest is a commodity that can be reignited with a little thought and creativity.

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Retail Exterior - SL60_NanaScreen_Honua_Kai_HI Lobby

Flexible Space Management within Hotels

These are the comments that you hope your guests are sharing with others. We certainly expect them to comment as such about the landscape, cultural activities, and fine dining. After all, people travel to experience one-of-a-kind places that they cannot find anywhere else. But shouldn't the accommodations be an equally memorable experience?

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Commercial Glass Walls: 7 Post-Covid Design Solutions for Hotels

How can post-covid design leverage commercial glass walls to skyrocket the hospitality industry after the pandemic? The world is reopening, travel restrictions are lessening, and the hospitality industry is slowly rebounding with vacationers seeking to shake off months of pandemic stress.

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