Hotels Interior

lobby with white sofa and aluminum framed moveable glass wall partitions incorporate on right side of the room

NanaWall moveable glass wall partitions enable the hotelier to create highly flexible and functional space throughout the interior of the hotel.

Moveable glass wall partitions incorporate natural daylight and transparency into dining and retail areas, business centers, meeting rooms, and event space.

dinning area  with wooden moveable glass wall partitions used as interior divisions within  restaurant

Moveable Glass Wall Partitions Provide Transparent Flexible Breakfast Areas and More

NanaWall moveable glass wall partitions used as interior divisions within hotels and restaurants allow personnel to quickly and easily incorporate or close off dining areas as the occupancy shifts throughout the day. Breakfast areas and morning buffets in lobbies can quickly and easily be separated from hotel public space after service has concluded while still allowing natural light to flow into the interior space.

 meeting space with beige chairs near aluminum sliding glass doors partition

Provide Adaptable Sound Control within Interior Event Space

Business centers, meeting rooms, and event space designed with operable interior glass walls allows staff to divide or expand depending on size requirements while maintaining the feeling of wide-open space that only NanaWall moveable glass wall partitions can provide. The added benefit of acoustical buffering and sound control allows for multiple events to occur simultaneously. Moveable glass wall partitions are perfect transparent barriers for private functions such as receptions, banquets, or gaming events that allow the ambience of the hotel surroundings and natural daylight to fill the space.

people walking inside building during daytime with folding glass walls as retail storefront

Create Light Filled Wide-Open Retail Storefronts within Lobbies

Moveable glass wall partitions used in interior storefront design allows for free-flowing customer traffic into shops for coffee vendors, sundries, and gifts. Retail space within lobbies for clothing and jewelry showcase their offerings whether the moveable glass wall partitions are open or securely closed after hours. NanaWall systems bring value to hotels by providing a unique guest experience and the opportunity to adapt space as needed to suit the requirements.

The world's top hotel brands leveraged NanaWall solutions to create impeccable experiences for their guests, see how below:

Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty–Six

During its recent multi-million-dollar renovation, the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six added an aesthetic, flexible solution to dividing and closing off its restaurant area.

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