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La Jolla, CA


Sebastian Mariscal Studio



"We prefer to use building systems in a way that expresses the fundamental qualities of a space, while providing superior performance. NanaWall’s HSW60 system facilitated some of the most important goals of the project."

Blurring the Lines Between Inside and Out

NanaWall's glass wall systems are particularly well suited to meeting goals like these, offering a level of design freedom that architects relish. Mariscal specified NanaWall's HSW60 Thermally Broken Aluminum Framed Single Track Sliding System for 2inns, and used the glass panels to surround the residential projects' kitchen spaces on three sides. "Providing a continuous indoor/outdoor experience, where the house opens completely to the outside without delineating a boundary, was essential," says Mariscal.


"Achieving a seamless indoor/outdoor relationship was critical to this lake front project. NanaWall’s recessed screens, track details and the environmental precision of the system assured our client’s comfort in winter as much as their ability to live both in and out during the warmer months.” 

-roomTen Design

“We understand the NanaWall system to be the best of its kind on the market. The wall is extremely easy to operate and performs very well in the Vancouver climate. Also, when the wall is closed, the SL82 has no frames—it looks like seamless glass from the exterior.”

"An extra-long NanaWall opens up completely for great indoor/outdoor entertainment flow, providing a preponderance of natural light when closed. While only 200 square feet were added on, it feels like so much more."

"During the mild winter months in South Florida, we can open our NanaWall system and bring the indoors and outdoors together. During our humid summers, we can shut out the weather but are still able to view our beautiful outdoor environment.” 

"With NanaWall's HSW60 system the house opens completely without delineating a boundary for a continuous indoor/outdoor experience, while providing superior performance." 



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