Project Location

Del Mar, CA


Joseph Wong Design Associates



"NanaWall’s system helped open it up to get indoor/outdoor connectivity. Lobby guests can smell the ocean breeze, and easily maneuver to the outdoor space.”

Maximum Impact with a Minumal Footprint

Wong explains why he chose NanaWall instead of typical sliding doors: “It’s the size of the span. Sliding doors can’t open up the whole space like a NanaWall installation, because their footprint when retracted is much larger than NanaWall’s. Plus, sliding doors and casements leave a visual psychological barrier between the spaces.” ”



“We chose NanaWall because the large glass panels allow light into the room and the well-designed door system is easy for our staff to use daily to accommodate varying sized groups. The restaurant is more open and attractive contributing to increased guest occupancy.”

“HKS Architects selected NanaWall for its functionality, aesthetics, and overall quality. The SL45 system opened up the Sports Bar to the outside beauty affording patrons the experience of its surroundings and additional outdoor seating.”

“The NanaWalls not only give a unique perception of our hotel, but create a new experience for our guests when the doors are wide open. They have a wonderful fluid function with no maintenance."

“Using the NanaWall as a window system instead of a door system controls access to the space, while allowing it to feel completely open, blurring the line between interior and exterior." 


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