Open Views

Our opening glass walls remove the visual and physical barriers and expand your sense of space in any climate.

Optimum Ventilation

A large opening glass wall provides an easy way to quickly bring fresh air indoors for a healthier environment

Project Location

Oakland, CA



"NanaWall systems allow us to extend living space in our projects, by bringing the outdoors inside, and vice versa. Our homes 'live larger,'" McDonald boasts.

The Passive-Energy Approach to Design

Yet Mike McDonald, California Regional Manager for construction firm Ryan Associates, took on this challenge when he designed and built the home for his own use. McDonald was certain that a largely transparent home could be built green, without highly technical solutions. "I am a proponent of thinking about the project from a passive perspective," he says, adding that he focuses on strategies like natural daylighting, passive ventilation, durable nontoxic materials, and large overhangs for shading.

With natural daylight and ventilation in mind, McDonald specified NanaWall's SL60 Standard Thermally Broken Aluminum Framed Folding System for the opening to his patio. "The indoor/outdoor design element is particularly important in our more temperate climate in Northern California," he says, adding that other systems would have taken up space with large pockets for the sliding panels.


“NanaWall transitions the inside to the outdoors beautifully and transparently. During the winter, we close the large glass walls and enjoy our snowy views without worry of any draft or moisture inside.”

"During the mild winter months in South Florida, we can open our NanaWall system and bring the indoors and outdoors together. During our humid summers, we can shut out the weather but are still able to view our beautiful outdoor environment.” 


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