Project Location

Menlo Park, CA





"NanaWall doors function as 'opening walls' that define the living spaces without fully enclosing them, and establish flow between the different spaces and activities." 

The openings for each space are expansive, bringing the passive ventilation inside the architectural masterpiece. Because WDA experiments with so many aspects of design and engineering, it was a natural choice for the firm to use NanaWall. Duff elaborates, “We have a rich history collaborating on high-end residential projects with NanaWall, and we wanted to continue that tradition with this property.”




“NanaWall had the perfect solution to our very specific requirements: a cornerless system with one side at full height while the other half was resting on the bar—a combination door and window.” 

"NanaWall was the only system that offered the flexibility we needed to create a completely outdoor space during good weather and a functional and cozy space overlooking the pool and ocean views when the weather is not so nice.”

"NanaWall was the only product available that could give us the maximum opening distance we wanted for the doors. At the same time the NanaWall provided the weather protection required and necessary for Long Island.” 


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