Mulberry Point House

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Project Location

Guilford, CT


Arbonies King Vlock, PC



Case Study: Mulberry Point House

This oceanfront residence in Guilford, Connecticut, stands as an architectural model of efficiency and economy. The two-floor home, designed by the Branford, Connecticut-based architectural firm of Arbonies King Vlock, P.C., is designed around the principle of the Shakkei, the centuries-old Japanese concept of the “borrowed landscape,” which is meant to “deny the constraints of man-made space and capture the expansive natural world beyond.”

The upper level of the renovated home contains bedrooms connected by a combined living, dining and kitchen area. Clerestory windows follow the slope of the roof, visually connecting the bedrooms to the central living space. Porches run the length of the waterfront façade on both levels and extend outdoor living.

Yet the most memorable room is a “seasonal porch” on the ground level that offers “an airy, flexible and crisply finished living space,” according to Arbonies King Vlock principal Sandra Vlock.

“Few manufacturers offer the folding wall system's flexibility, performance and ease of use. Our ambition as architects for this home was not simply to frame the view but to become one with the landscape. The NanaWall system achieved this in one elegant and dramatic gesture.”

Creating Uninterrupted Ocean Views

The inclusion of a five fully retractable NanaWall SL70 Aluminum Framed Thermally Broken Folding Systems into the home’s unique porch on the south- and west-facing sides extend the living space even further out on to the deck and patio areas. They also seem to bring the water right into the house, the 15 opening panels running practically uninterrupted across the façades.

Before specifying Nanawall for the Guilford Beach House, the design team only briefly considered other options – normal aluminum-clad wood windows, which are used throughout the home. But for the unique living areas, “We were pretty set on NanaWall from the beginning,” noted architect Louann Heft, LEED AP BD&C. “Few manufacturers offer the folding wall system's flexibility, performance and ease of use.”

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