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NanaWall systems provides building owners, architects, property managers, homeowner associations, and contractors with a solution for increasing usable space, enhancing each unit’s value and the marketability of the entire development.

Additionally, by using a NanaWall system in conjunction with balconies and small patios, the multifamily developer is able to create a space that embraces views, natural daylight and fresh air. Installations with energy efficient NanaWall opening glass systems differentiate the development from others on the market and create premium appeal for potential buyers.

60 Orchard

The developers of 60 Orchard Street in Manhattan wanted the units to offer the best of everything and to create a new relationship between interior and exterior in this conventional seven-story building.

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Honua Kai

Combined with a Screen Classic component, NanaWall systems successfully transforms the living space of each apartment into outdoor living space, while thoroughly resisting the worst of tropical weather systems when closed.

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Justison Landing

To attract more discriminating buyers to this multifamily development in Wilmington DE, and to provide more efficient, open layouts with more natural daylight, the builders turned to NanaWall’s SL60 for its Juliet balconies.

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Moveable Glass Wall Systems

Moveable Glass Wall Systems: Post-Covid Design in Multifamily Living

As a post-covid design solution, moveable glass wall systems in multifamily buildings can significantly improve ROI and attract customers to a particular listing. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the condominium market lagged due to how these compact living spaces made social distancing a challenge.

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