Offices Exterior

sliding commerical glass wall systems in office exterior for indoor/outdoor connection

Offices exterior Promote Better Collaboration Using More Adaptive Space

Provide a connection to the environment in office design with opening glass wall solutions to the exterior.

Folding and sliding commercial glass wall systems maximize the full use of the office footprint while providing the healthy benefits of fresh air and natural daylight in the workplace.

offices exterior with a opening commercial glass wall systems to the patio exterior

Healthy Benefits of Biophilic Principles in Workplace Design

The average office worker spends close to 90% of their time indoors, to combat environmental stressors, workplace design is incorporating biophilic design principles. These designs integrate nature into the built environment to create restorative spaces through direct experience by connecting with natural daylight, fresh air, and views by using opening commercial glass wall systems to the exterior.

offices exterior-Commercial Glass Wall Systems integrate interior conference room with exterior social areas

Integrate Interior/Exterior Space with Commercial Glass Wall Systems

Exterior commercial glass wall systems allow for a seamless flow and integration between the indoor and outdoor workspaces and social areas. Folding and sliding commercial glass wall systems provide the flexibility to adapt space quickly and with ease to provide amenities rooms, boardrooms, and cafeterias with the healthy benefits of natural light and fresh air.

offices exterior- interior lunch room with large glass panels

Flexible Solutions for Increased Sense of Community

Transform fixed glazed walls into opening glass walls to maximize the use of courtyards, rooftop decks and patios. Provide office buildings with the environment that employees and tenants seek for sense of community and rejuvenation throughout the workday. NanaWall commercial glass wall systems are thoroughly tested for high performance standards to perform in commercial office exteriors.

Explore how NanaWall commercial glass wall systems in office exterior applications perform in real use cases with the examples below:

American AgCredit

Learn how TLCD Architecture designed this Building in Motion to accommodate rapid growth and change and to reflect the company culture of this growing financial institution.

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Dairy Farmers of America

By designing the conference room with PrivaSEE, this office achieved a space with a high degree of acoustic privacy, while maintaining a sense of openness.

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Edmunds HQ

Integrated outdoor courtyard, amenities, and moveable glass walls define the flexible layout and employee satisfaction of this collaboration-driven office space.

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The Rise of Amenities Floors in Workplace Design

New efforts in commercial workplace design strive to differentiate office spaces from the rest with amenities floors that offer tenants and their employees a four season experience and invites the outdoors in.

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Skullcandy Headquarters

Learn how Skullcandy and their architect designed a new headquarters that seamlessly integrates into the surrounding Utah mountains with a unique curtain wall façade design.

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How Hotels Can Tap into Wellness Tourism

Exterior glass wall systems are keeping up with the latest trends in workplace design. It seems like every couple of years there is something new changing the dynamics of the workplace and we can all agree that the Covid-19 pandemic will change the way we look at commercial spaces.

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