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commercial office interiors with frameless acoustic moveable interior glass walls

Promote Better Collaboration Using More Adaptive Space

Current space planning trends in commercial office interiors are turning away from closed offices and cubicles and embracing a more open, collaborative use of space with brighter interiors.

Businesses are often requiring more flexible square footage due to overall changes in the way people work. NanaWall moveable interior glass walls provide flexible use of space and an opportunity to harvest natural daylight and views while also providing sound attenuation and privacy when needed.

Moveable interior glass walls allowing office tenants to shift room layouts

A Responsive Solution for Agile Commercial Office Interiors

Today's businesses must be able to adapt to changing market conditions with agility and purpose. To support the responsive nature of modern business, current workplace design needs to provide flexibility and change. And sometimes, it needs to change more than once a day—NanaWall easy-to-operate moveable interior glass walls can provide just that.

Moveable interior glass walls allow office tenants to shift room layouts at any time. The ability to extend a room gives tenants and employees greater control over how they work. Business owners can separate workspaces into individual offices or pull them together into one large space or conference room as priorities shift throughout the workday.

office employee opening Moveable Interior Glass Walls that offer acoustic buffering and transparency

Over 80% Glass in Moveable Interior Glass Walls for Modern Workplace Design

To maximize the useable footprint in office interiors to best suit traffic flow and layout requirements, NanaWall offers interior glass wall solutions across our entire product portfolio—from folding to sliding to frameless. Our products offer pure beauty and aesthetics to workplace design with the maximum use of over 80% glass in moveable interior glass walls. With product options of solid wood or aluminum frames, or no frames at all, to exceptionally large panel minimal frames for a modern clean aesthetic, we have the product for almost any interior budget.

 Moveable Interior Glass Walls Providing Sound Control and privacy while to people meet

Moveable Interior Glass Walls Provide Sound Control in Commercial Office Interiors

When a project demands concentration, NanaWall Sound Control Solutions provide effective noise reduction and privacy. NanaWall interior glass wall systems allow one team to hold a confidential client meeting, while the remaining staff collaborates in an open environment. The ability to adapt commercial office interiors will help teams improve productivity while also providing the healthy benefit of natural daylight to flood the interior.

NanaWall moveable interior glass walls are independently tested by certified and accredited laboratories and our wide breadth of products offer a range acoustic buffering from STC 30 to STC 45.

To see how NanaWall moveable interior glass walls perform in real use cases, check out the many commercial office interiors success stories below:


Preserving as much openness as possible and the gorgeous views while creating a flexible meeting room at Actelion’s U.S. Headquarters was a priority for this interior project.

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NanaWall Systems played a role in creating a successful “flexspace” at Amadeus North America.  The HSW 60 systems used provided the sound attenuation and privacy when needed.

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American AgCredit

Learn how TLCD Architecture designed this Building in Motion to accommodate rapid growth and change and to reflect the company culture of this growing financial institution.

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CompTIA Office

With "order and light" as the watchwords of the renovation project of the interior of CompTIA, KUBE set about finding ways to create a feeling of openness, while also providing privacy through sound attenuation.

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Dairy Farmers of America

By designing the conference room with PrivaSEE, this office achieved a space with a high degree of acoustic privacy, while maintaining a sense of openness.

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DEG Headquarters

The DEG headquarters in Cologne has been an example of innovative office architecture since its conception in 2008. It doubled-down on its innovative reputation in 2018 with a unique approach to creating usable space: placing a “Cloud” in the building.

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Edmunds HQ

Integrated outdoor courtyard, amenities, and moveable glass walls define the flexible layout and employee satisfaction of this collaboration-driven office space.

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Gensler Morristown

See how the architectural firm, Gensler, uses their own New Jersey office as a test lab for collaborative workspace design.

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Gunster Law Office

This forward-thinking law firm was designed for openness and transparency, yet provide the confidentiality legal clients expect.

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In a tenant improvement, available space is finite, and at a premium.  See how to transform space, on demand, into different-sized rooms with different functionalities.

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Paramit Corporation

This medical device engineering firm desired a new attractive working environment that was open and collaborative yet confidential and private on-demand.

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SK&A Office

This office leveraged existing elevator lobby space to create a flexible, versatile public-facing conference room using a frameless opening glass wall.

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The goal at Snap-on Tools was to have a flexible space where smaller areas could be opened up to each other to accommodate large groups and still be able to afford some sense of privacy and quiet when the spaces were divided.

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Visa One Market

“They love it and are extremely happy with the space. People love to walk around to soak in the view.”

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office interior with white club chairs with acoustic frameless moveable interior glass walls

Confidential Management Consulting Firm

What makes a management consulting firm successful? Creative problem-solving, strategic analysis, and professionalism are a few traits. Another key attribute is the ability to serve many clients at a single time. Internal organization helps achieve this, as does the impact of good office design.

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waiting room with segmented curve sliding door system creates flexible reconfiguarable office space

UN Consulate of Trinidad

Highly flexible, reconfigurable spaces within the interior was a must-have for the UN Consulate of Trinidad office in New York City. The consulate concerns itself with a breadth of diverse tasks requiring internal office meetings, presentations, event hosting, meeting with celebrities and prominent figures, and even the occasional hosting of cocktail parties.

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Maximize Interior Square Footage with NanaWall FoldFlat Technology

See how this NanaWall innovation is the optimal conference room solution for tighter spaces to fully maximize the square footage.

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The role of retractable interior glass walls

Reduce Aerosol Spread—Office Design with Interior Glass Walls

The role of retractable interior glass walls as post-covid design solutions is redefining the way we look at commercial spaces. Social distancing efforts adopted creative ways to keep the spread of illness at bay with transparent films, tape marks, and signs to direct one-way traffic.

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acoustic frameless moveable interior glass walls provide daylight and flexibility to office interior

Designing the Ultimate Conference Room eBook

Learn the numerous benefits of designing a NanaConference Room within commercial office interiors.

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law office reception area with moveable interior glass walls for acoustical privacy, daylight and views

Why Every Law Office Needs a NanaWall Opening Glass Wall eBook

See why law office across North America choose NanaWall opening glass wall within their office design.

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man operating cornerless interior glass walls within conference room with table with chairs

Reconfigurable Workplace Design eBook

Learn how to successfully implement design strategies to create reconfigurable multipurpose office space.

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