Palm Beach Cabana

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Palm Beach, FL



Case Study: Palm Beach Cabana

Palm Beach Island's motto is "the best of everything". Henry Morrison Flager, the founder of Standard Oil, made this barrier island accessible with a railway line. At the same time, he built two luxury hotels. The wealthy came down in droves, and by 1911, Palm Beach became a winter destination.

After enjoying their vacations, Flager’s rich clientele realized this was a fantastic place to retire. The rest is history: Today, more than 50 percent of Palm Beach’s residents are over retirement age. 

This Palm Beach cabana, built flawlessly by the contractor Curtis D. Mead, illustrates the appeal of Barrier Island living. It is truly the best of everything. 

"There was no architect for this project”, said Kathleen Allen, from Curtis D. Mead contractors.  “The homeowner really knew what she wanted, and so she ran the project.”

"The weather in South Florida is notoriously intemperate. The cabana—with the assurance of its NanaWall opening glass wall—provides security from a passing thunderstorm."

The Hurricane Approved Solution

Because the understated pyramidal cabana faces its own private beach on the Atlantic Ocean, the homeowner wanted it as open as possible – but it also had to be hurricane proof.  The homeowners wanted to be connected to the things they love but while able to relax in the safety of a NanaWall enclosed space. 

As Allen states the NanaWall was chosen because, “it is attractive, easy to use and hurricane proof.” The outswing operable glass wall can also keep out wind-driven rain and meets the Miami-Dade building code regulations. In fact, NanaWall systems successfully tested, passed, and obtained Miami-Dade County approval. According to Allen, the homeowner never considered another glass wall manufacturer. 

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