Project Location

Miami, FL



The choice of NanaWall was ideal for the house, the rigorous engineering and flawless construction of the four openings was an ideal match for the crisp detailing of the project.

The master bedroom has a low-key and relaxed feel, as the team intended, but it spans the width of the entire home – and the NanaWall opening spans a large portion of the wall, too, alongside a large picture window. Again, it’s a heroic gesture, and in this case one that the architect could achieve in a hurricane-rated configuration, with NanaWall’s SL73 system.


“We wanted the full length view of a glass wall in a conditioned space, with the flexibility to open the doors to turn it into a patio. NanaWall was the only product that was impact rated and could meet the wind load requirements for these openings.”

“Using the NanaWall operable glass walls presented an opening to bring in the pool deck and an exterior view without any obstructions. I am very satisfied with the outcome.”

"During the mild winter months in South Florida, we can open our NanaWall system and bring the indoors and outdoors together. During our humid summers, we can shut out the weather but are still able to view our beautiful outdoor environment.” 

“We use the NanaWalls on a daily basis for egress and ingress of cars. The opening walls are reliable, durable, and energy efficient.  In cold weather, the tight seal means no heat loss.  The NanaWalls are fantastic.”



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