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Morgan Hill, CA


Habitec Architecture



Case Study: Paramit Corporation

Transparency with Confidentiality

Creating a new office for Paramit Corporation presented a paradox that is emblematic of contemporary office design: the desire for a working environment with attractive, open, collaborative space, and the need for confidentiality and privacy. They resolved this seeming conflict by creating flexible, changeable spaces using an opening glass wall with enhanced privacy features from NanaWall Systems.

Paramit performs engineering and design services for medical device manufacturers. After the staff size tripled in five years, they needed more space. They embraced relocation as an opportunity to redefine the company culture and enhance the collaborative atmosphere.

At the same time, they needed to maintain confidentiality while working for diverse clients.  A visiting client must not be able to glimpse work being done for other clients, or even know who the other clients are. They were also finding that, in parallel with the benefits of collaboration, their working environments needed the option of privacy and freedom from distraction.

“Maximizing the space was something we could only have done with a NanaWall system,” says Habitec design director Karolina Glinka.

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