Project Location

Park City, UT


Architectural Nexus



"The NanaWall system was ideal for a health care cafeteria setting, The flush floor track of the top-hung system eliminated any potential tripping hazards, and provides unhindered wheelchair access."

"The ideal solution would also allow for a reasonably unobstructed view, when closed, of the surrounding natural beauty of Park City's mountains," adds Cahoon. The design team specified NanaWall's SL45 Aluminum Framed Folding System with paired panels to achieve these goals. "While some systems could meet some of the client's expectations, few could meet them all, as NanaWall did," recalls Cahoon.

Four of the five top-hung panels are configured as bi-fold paired panels, and the fifth is outfitted with typical door hardware for operation as a door when the system is closed. Staff, patients and visitors seated on the interior side of the system enjoy minimally obstructed daylight and exterior views from the floor-to-ceiling glass of the cafe's exterior wall. When open, the two seating areas appear to be one.


“NanaWall was the only functional and aesthetic solution —an opening wall that turns the fitness center into an outdoor pavilion in a matter of seconds.”

"The durable metal clad exterior and high-quality hardware of the NanaWall system are able to stand up to our weather and everyday use of the door, while providing a seamless connection of space and expansive mountain views."


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