Project Location

Park City, UT



Otto / Walker specified the a thermally broken NanaWall WA67 because it was the right door for the application – a NanaWall system is the perfect way to harvest expansive views, generous solar exposure, mature vegetation and topography which can help to enhance a design.

In this case, the use of an opening glass wall was “kind of a program requirement,” says the architect. “The owners definitely wanted a large opening in that location – it was a deck.” Otto / Walker specified the highly weather-resistant NanaWall WA67, a thermally broken, aluminum folding panel system – in part because it was the right door for the application, but in part because the client knew the NanaWall name.

“The client had built before in Salt Lake, but not in Park City, so there was a bit of a learning curve for them, but it wasn’t like they had no experience building a home,” says Otto. “They had interest in the NanaWall – it was one of the things they had seen and liked, and the general contractor also had a connection with NanaWall.”

With these bona fides and a strong architectural concept, the choice was a natural one.

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“For this new project we wanted to expand the restaurant area so it would, in a sense, spill out into the park area.  This makes it ideal for three-season dining. We looked at other wall systems, but felt ultimately that the NanaWall System was the best system for our application.”

"Achieving a seamless indoor/outdoor relationship was critical to this lake front project. NanaWall’s recessed screens, track details and the environmental precision of the system assured our client’s comfort in winter as much as their ability to live both in and out during the warmer months.” 

-roomTen Design

"We chose NanaWall for their strong reputation, large number of available options, ease of operation, and for the beauty of the product. It's wonderful to open them all up, bring the outside in and let the fresh air flow through our home."

“Winter on Lake Erie is brutal. Our goal was a 3-season room—we achieved an air tight 4-season room. Last year, hail and 60 mph winds left homes along this lake front with severe window damage. The NanaWalls came through without a scratch.” 

"Our primary desire was for a seamless transition to the garden and beach.The NanaWall system’s excellent quality and weather rating proved to be the perfect solution for our harsh seaside environment."






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