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Case Study: Park City Residence

Among the best-known architects for miles around Salt Lake City is Otto/Walker Architects, based in the science resort town of Park City. The firm is led by a Utah native, Mark Walker, as well as Rick Otto, who moved to Park City in 1979. Since then, the firm has earned awards and wide recognition for their majestic yet naturally inspired private residences, including homes of 10,000 square feet and larger, as well as high-end multifamily and commercial works.

Opening up to Beautiful Mountain Views

One of their recent houses presented Otto with dramatic views and a choice site. Using a mix of raw timbers and chunky, native stones, Otto developed a concept that responded to the client’s specific wishes.

“The materials are intrinsic to the area, and it’s still a bit of an Alpine feel that just seems to make sense there,” says Otto. “The client wanted lots of views, and indoor/outdoor living was also a component. Everybody wants to do some cooking outdoors.”

Otto / Walker specified the thermally broken NanaWall WA67 because it was the right door for the application – a NanaWall system is the perfect way to harvest expansive views, generous solar exposure, mature vegetation and topography which can help to enhance a design.

In this case, the use of an opening glass wall was “kind of program requirement,” says the architect. “The owners definitely wanted a large opening in that location – it was a deck.” Otto / Walker specified the highly weather-resistant NanaWall WA67, a thermally broken, aluminum folding panel system – in part because it was the right door for the application, but in part because the client knew the NanaWall name.

“The client had built before in Salt Lake, but not in Park City, so there was a bit of a learning curve for them, but it wasn’t like they had no experience building a home,” says Otto. “They had interest in the NanaWall – it was one of the things they had seen and liked, and the general contractor also had a connection with NanaWall.”

With these bona fides and a strong architectural concept, the choice was a natural one.

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