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Recreation and entertainment exterior facility with commercial glass walls

Recreation and entertainment facilities accommodate large crowds of people—NanaWall commercial glass walls provide the ambience needed for truly memorable events.

NanaWall folding and sliding commercial glass walls draws in visitors with a wide, seamless transition between outside and in. By removing the barrier between the facility and the outdoors, NanaWall systems facilitate attractive free-flowing event spaces.

Recreation and entertainment center that use oversized sliding or folding commercial glass walls

Events Worth Remembering

Weddings, graduations, reunions, birthdays—these are just a few of the life events that require a special venue. Recreation and entertainment centers that use oversized sliding or folding commercial glass walls can extend the venue from a dining hall or convention room to the outdoors. Whether incorporating sunlight and fresh air, or moonlight and stars, opening commercial glass walls provides a seamless, enjoyable experience for attendees.

Recreation and entertainment facility with folding glass doors

Adaptability of Folding and Sliding Commercial Glass Walls

Quickly modify dining areas, bars, meeting rooms, training rooms, and athletic facilities to meet specific event requirements and varying use rates while transmitting natural light, fresh air, and weather protection when needed. NanaWall commercial glass walls are easy to operate and offer the long-term performance expected in commercial environments.

open commercial interior event area with moving glass wall systems

Increased ROI for Country Clubs, Banquet Halls, Community Centers, and Wineries

Provide the experience and venue that guests remember and refer to others as the place to book their next event. Whether a country club in a historic building, a multifunctional recreation room, or a picturesque winery, there is a NanaWall solution for commercial glass walls for every aesthetic. With options of folding, sliding, or frameless commercial glass walls, there is a customizable NanaWall solution to make your venue desirable, flexible, and profitable.

To see how our glass wall systems perform in the real world, see the use case examples below:

Belle Mer Wedding Facility

At the much sought after wedding venue, Belle Mer Boutique, an all white ethereal event space has been created that blurs the line between the interior and exterior space.

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Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo’s latest attraction features cantilevered canopies and camouflaged three-sided sliding glass wall system that welcome visitors to the wonders within.

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Tumbleweed Recreation Center

To meet the needs of the multigenerational community using this recreation facility, a seamless transition was created to integrate the courtyard with the facility’s lobby.

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Waialae Country Club

Honolulu’s Waialae Country Club hoped to enhance the experience for club members and guests by bringing the spectacular views from the enclosed lanai all the way into the dining room.

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Yocha Dehe Golf Club

The Yocha Dehe Golf Club was designed with one main program element in mind, a flexible floor plan able to host multiple events in conjunction with the day-to-day operations.

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recreation exterior area with exterior fireplace

Boothbay Harbor Country Club

The BoothBay Harbor Country Club, originally built in 1921, underwent a complete redesign in 2013. The result of the redesign is a world-class facility replete with a 5-star restaurant, grill and sports bar, pro shop, stunning clubhouse, and luxury locker room, alongside its 18-hole golf course.

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spectacular patio view from the clubhouse with commercial glass walls

Caves Valley Golf Club

In 2008 two covered porches were added to the structure to capitalize on the spectacular views from the clubhouse, but up until 2015, the porches were enclosed in a less than ideal fashion.

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winery interior with commercial glass walls brings the vineyard outside in

Crushing It: How NanaWall Systems Can Benefit Your Winery

You know as well as we do that when people visit a winery, they don’t just come to sample the wine. People visit a vineyard for the experience. Do they want to drink delicious wine? Yes. But just as important as the wine is the backdrop.

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Fitness center design for health and wellness with opening glass walls

6 Essential Components of Fitness Center Design

Does fitness center design determine one’s decision to join an athletic membership? If so, then what exactly attracts an individual to a particular athletic venue? State-of-the-art equipment, unique program offerings, and price are all influential factors, but what the location itself can offer in terms of layout and design also plays a key role in attracting prospective members.

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Opening Glass Walls: Reimagining the Country Club of Today

How can opening glass walls help revitalize the country club experience? For years, these recreational spaces have catered to a particular target audience—golf enthusiasts—but with the sport on the decline, the country club scene is struggling to attract the membership of younger generations.

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