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game room near aluminum framed moveable interior glass doors at community center

Create lasting impressions of spaciousness and luxury in recreational areas with NanaWall moveable interior glass doors.

NanaWall moveable interior glass doors enhance the experience of guests in recreational venues with transformative spaces that facilitate space management, privacy, and enjoyable ambiances.

recreation area with moveable interior glass doors used as interior divisions within rooms

A Space Management Solution with Moveable Interior Glass Doors

Manage interior space and book lucrative private events with flexible banquet areas enclosed or expanded with sound buffering and light transmitting moveable interior glass doors. NanaWall moveable interior glass doors can quickly modify dining areas, bars, and meeting rooms to meet the specific event requirements. Increase the ROI of your venue with moveable interior glass doors that facilitate hosting multiple groups at once while providing guests with a memorable recreational experience.

moveable interior glass doors in theater

Offer Guests an Enjoyable Ambiance

At nightclubs and bowling alleys to country clubs and beyond, moveable interior glass doors provide transparent barriers between rooms, offering sound protection that rivals other types of materials. With sound control ratings up to STC 45, NanaWall opening glass walls offer the privacy and comfort that will ensure the return of guests for their future recreational needs. Visitors will also enjoy the enhanced natural lighting that moveable interior glass doors add to a space.

dinning area  with wood framed moveable glass wall partitions

A Long-Lasting Interior Solution

Quickly modify dining areas, bars, meeting rooms, training rooms, and athletic facilities to meet specific event requirements and varying use rates while transmitting natural light and creating privacy when needed. Built with performance in mind, moveable interior glass doors are easy to operate and can be configured to meet the needs of a specific space with integrated commercial swing doors and panels that stack into hidden closets and out of the way.

Learn how other recreational and entertainment venues utilize NanaWall solutions to maximize the space of their facilities in the case studies below:

Yocha Dehe Golf Club

The Yocha Dehe Golf Club was designed with one main program element in mind, a flexible floor plan able to host multiple events in conjunction with the day-to-day operations.

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winery storefront with  wood framed moveable interior glass doors to regulate traffic flow

Crushing It: How NanaWall Systems Can Benefit Your Winery

Our premium large opening glass walls allow a venue to be flexible and tailor the architecture of the space to the activity enveloping it at any given moment. The flexibility a NanaWall system provides can allow a tasting room to transform into a more open space for special events.

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