Religious Institutions

A religious facility is simply not a structure with a single purpose.

Depending on desires of the congregation and community, the facility may include a sacred space intended to bring about tranquility, and calm, or a dynamic space complete with concert halls, gymnasiums, classrooms, and offices. A NanaWall system allows for easy space management, light transmission, and acoustical attenuation

Church of Perfect Liberty

To solve the question on how to adapt the worship space between times of lower and peak attendance while also utilizing natural airflow strategies, architect Okamoto turned to NanaWall’s SL45.

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Saint Mary's Student Chapel

Saint Mary's  new chapel offers its students an ideal space for worship and meditation with meticulous design that takes full advantage of the natural surroundings.

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St. Anthony of Padua Parish

The Pennsylvania parish needed a solution to varying requirements for service and worship. To address the fluctuating attendance size throughout the year, the installation of a NanaWall system provided the answer.

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St. Kathryn's Church

The parish wanted to be able to separate a smaller chapel from the main body of the church for smaller weekday services and was able to achieve their goal with an energy efficient installation of a NanaWall system.

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