Religious Institutions Exterior

exterior commercial opening glass walls in religious institution for fresh air and daylight

Religious facilities are multipurpose structures that require flexible solutions to bring communities together.

Religious institutions with multifunctional facilities require a transformative solution that adapts to the needs of the community. Space management, acoustical attenuation, as well as fresh air and daylight are all obtainable with NanaWall exterior commercial opening glass walls.

exterior commercial opening glass walls opening to reflecting pond

A Space Management Solution

Depending on needs of the congregation and community, religious institutions may include a sacred space dedicated to worship as well as additional facilities for community gatherings. Exterior commercial opening glass walls offer the flexibility of expanding the space available to accommodate larger congregations. As an entrance, commercial opening glass walls facilitate the ingress and egress of heavier crowds and offer a smoother jammed-free traffic flow within entry.

exterior folding commercial opening glass walls at church venue

Indoor/Outdoor Sanctuaries

Commercial opening glass walls eliminate solid barriers that trap and recycle the same air within an enclosed space. NanaWall offers large wall openings that promote natural fresh air circulation within spaces that are prone to large gatherings. Abundant daylight filters through exterior commercial opening glass walls whether they be open or closed, immediately brightening the space within.

wood exterior commercial opening glass walls open to outside for fresh air at religious facility

Religious Institutions with Opening Glass Walls

Religious institutions need to have enough capacity to hold an oversized congregation on the weekends, but be flexible enough to accommodate varying group sizes during the week.

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Church of Perfect Liberty

To solve the question on how to adapt the worship space between times of lower and peak attendance while also utilizing natural airflow strategies, architect Okamoto turned to NanaWall’s SL45.

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