Religious Institutions Interior

religious intitution altar near interior moveable glass systems with art glass

NanaWall interior moveable glass systems offer a flexible space management solution for the multiple purposes of religious institutions.

Religious institutions are multipurpose facilities that strive to offer tranquil spaces for worship, meditation, and gathering. NanaWall interior moveable glass systems offer flexible solutions to better accommodate the interiors of these sacred spaces to better serve their congregation.

interior moveable glass systems within the interior of religious facility

Achieve Flexible Layouts for Multipurpose Spaces

A multipurpose facility needs a flexible space management solution that adapts to the needs of the institution. The use of NanaWall interior moveable glass systems within the interior of religious facilities helps facilitate the multifunctional requirements of the space. Depending on the desires of the congregation and community, the facility may include a sacred space with its intended tranquility and calm, along with more dynamic uses which include events space, gymnasiums, classrooms, and offices. To adapt to varying traffic patterns and exit requirements, swing doors can be added and select systems are tested to 500,000 cycles to meet the demands of commercial environments.

prayer room interior with frameless interior moveable glass systems

Offer Private Spaces for Prayer and Meditation

Provide worshippers with private spaces dedicated for prayer and meditation with interior moveable glass systems. When increased privacy is required, NanaWall systems can be glazed with custom glass options ranging from obscured to frosted or even art glass. Additionally, other options may be used such as solid wood panels, divided lites or decorative resin inserts. Our interior moveable glass systems also offer sound control ratings of up to STC 45 for spaces within religious institutions that demand peaceful and quiet environments.

Prayer room with transparent center pivot folding opening glass walls that diffuse natural light within interior

Bright Interiors with a Long-Lasting Interior Moveable Glass Systems

NanaWall interior moveable glass systems are transparent opening glass walls that diffuse natural light within interiors. Daylight is known to improve moods and in religious spaces, it provides interiors with a symbolic tranquil glow that enhances the overall experience within sanctuaries. Built with performance in mind, NanaWall interior moveable glass systems are the long-lasting solution for religious institutions looking to improve the flexibility and interior environment of their buildings.

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St. Anthony of Padua Parish

The Pennsylvania parish needed a solution to varying requirements for service and worship. To address the fluctuating attendance size throughout the year, the installation of a NanaWall system provided the answer.

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St. Kathryn's Church

The parish wanted to be able to separate a smaller chapel from the main body of the church for smaller weekday services and was able to achieve their goal with an energy efficient installation of a NanaWall system.

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religious interior room with interior moveable glass systems used as interior divisions within institution

How To Update a Religious Institution With an Opening Glass Wall

Religious institutions have unique needs. In any given week, a religious institution might hold several services, act as a wedding venue, as well as host study groups and fundraisers. Religious institutions need to have enough capacity to hold an oversized congregation on the weekends, but be flexible enough to accommodate varying group sizes during the week.

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