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Have Your Customers Coming Back for More

Enhance diners’ experiences with NanaWall commercial patio door systems open to the outside.

NanaWall systems provide additional seating space and fresh air infiltration when open, and comfort, security, and energy efficient weather protection when closed—without sacrificing open views.

sliding commercial patio door system opened to create indoor/outdoor restaurant exterior

Increased Seating Capacity

Restaurants and event venues maximize seating capacity and enhance the atmosphere by connecting to outdoor space. Whether opening the floor to the street, courtyard or rooftop in good weather or enclosing a roofed patio for four season enjoyment, with the addition of commercial patio door systems, guests are attracted to the restaurant’s experience with open views, natural daylighting, and fresh air.

Our commercial patio door systems allow you to extend the dining area to the patio or close it off during inclement weather. Plus, our glass wall systems are weather-resistant, so patrons are always comfortable, even right up next to the glass.

Hotel-Restaurants Exterior with folding door open to NYC street

An Open Invitation through Commercial Patio Door Systems

A wide-open entrance created by commercial patio door systems removes the barrier between street and restaurant to allow a free flow of customer traffic. Passersby easily see the food and immediately enjoy the restaurant’s ambience and entertainment.

large sliding commercial patio door systems open to outside view and fresh air

An Unforgettable Dining Experience

A fine dining venue is more than a place where people go to eat, it is an atmosphere that cannot be replicated at home. Providing an excellent view with exterior commercial patio door systems is the perfect way to craft an ideal dining environment. Restaurants that can provide a memorable, relaxed dining atmosphere give their patrons an experience that keeps them coming back time and time again—ultimately providing an undeniable ROI for restaurant owners.

To see how our commercial patio door systems perform in real-world restaurant and hospitality environments, explore the use cases below:

Big Star Taqueria

Chicago’s Big Star Taqueria enjoys 4-season expanded dining areas with weather efficient thermally broken NanaWall systems.

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Gloria's Restaurant

NanaWall gives Gloria’s Restaurant the opportunity to transform an elegant interior dining room into a unique, al fresco dining experience in a matter of seconds.

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LIFT Bar Grill View

At LIFT Bar Grill View, it makes no difference which area of the restaurant the guests are seated in; Lift offers operable “glass walls with jaw-dropping views”.

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Melt Restaurant

For Melt Restaurant, NanaWall’s ability to bring the outdoors in is a perfect match for the comfortable interiors with warm wood finishes and rich, natural colors.

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ParkStone Wood Kitchen

The patrons of the ParkStone Wood Kitchen are not only treated to oak wood-grilled cuisine, but are surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing, performance-driven wall solution when Utah fall weather sets in.

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Seaplane restaurant with indoor/outdoor patio and fresh air with folding glass wall open

Commercial Design: How to Maximize Restaurant Space

Trends in commercial design are evolving alongside the need to expand restaurant spaces to the outdoors. This comes with the need to allow more seating as table spacing increases and natural air becomes the preferred method of ventilation within a building.

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Vertigo with disappearing commercial patio door system open to sidewalkExterior

Vertigo Bar

Vertigo is a sensation characterized by a whirling or spinning movement. Walking into Vertigo Bar in NY on a game night will definitely have your head spinning as loud fans scream at the half dozen flat-screens in excitement. Vertigo combines a sports bar with elegance.

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JW Marriot and Bourbon Sky rooftop bar with large sliding glass wall system-Restaurants Exterior

JW Marriot and Bourbon Sky Rooftop Bar

The Bourbon Skybar and Lounge, an exclusive 40-seat bar and lounge, sits on the 34th floor of the JW Marriott in Nashville. The venue is part of a Bourbon Steak restaurant; a renowned restaurant owned by Michelin-star chef Michael Mina.

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Cal Academy of Science cafe with frameless commercial patio door system-Restaurants Exterior

Cal Academy of Science Outdoor Café

Mark Cavagnero, Principle of Mark Cavagnero Associates Architects, and his team of architects, took on the task of creating an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable outdoor dining café at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

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The Lookout at the Top of the Memphis Pyramid-Restaurants Exterior with folding glass wall

The Lookout at the Top of the Memphis Pyramid

The Memphis Pyramid, formerly known as the Great American Pyramid, was built in 1991 as a 20,000 seat sports arena. However, it had a rocky road. On opening night a pipe burst and flooded the floor.

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Commercial Glass Walls in the Best Rooftop Bars in North America

What do some of the best rooftop bars in the nation have in common? Appetizing menus, panoramic views, enticing amenities, and retractable commercial glass walls that capitalize on the indoor/outdoor experience year-round.

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Open Restaurant Design Facilitates Outdoor Dining

Restaurant owners are finding creative ways to keep their businesses afloat with many turning to open restaurant design to facilitates outdoor dining.

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Parc Detroit

Parc Detroit’s prime location at the heart of Detroit’s go-to recreational spot is optimized with NanaWall single track sliding glass walls and the indoor/outdoor dining experience.

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Meat on Ocean

With a large sliding glass door system, Meat on Ocean creates the ultimate indoor/outdoor dining environment, even in the midst of a pandemic, with front row seats to the Pacific Ocean.

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Zona De Cuba

Zona de Cuba is a lively rooftop restaurant in South Bronx with folding glass walls that facilitate year-round dining and allowed the restaurant to thrive during the pandemic.

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