Roanoke Home




Mind the Views

Roanoke Home, Virginia

Opening Mountain Views

Roanoke, among the most scenic destinations in Virginia, is nestled among the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Mountains. Not surprisingly, an invigorating indoor-outdoor experience was a goal for a Blue Ridge Residential project here. The design-build contractors proposed enclosing a patio under its existing roof with full-height glass panels that could open partially or completely, as desired, on three sides of the room. Two swing doors were needed at one end of the patio. The four-season enclosure had to protect homeowners from moisture, cold and drafts.

Around the Corners

Blue Ridge Residential worked with the NanaWall design team, specifying the cornerless HSW60 system located outside existing corner columns and under its existing roof. Navigating these corners -- and allowing for the three walls to work independently -- would let the homeowners open all three sides or only one or two, as desired. The operable glass sections would stack in separate recesses on either side of the patio, visible and accessible to the homeowners. As for the swing doors, NanaWall’s system can offer stationary swing panels as well as incorporated swing panel (ISP) units depending on design needs and code requirements.

Customized Fit

The customized HSW60 track system creates a simple solution that the owners can easily move, choosing to open one or two or three walls as desired. An animation by NanaWall’s conceptual team can show at an early design phase how the walls work independently with only a small amount of floor space required when opened. The upper tracks can be concealed in the soffits, opening the patio to wide views of mountains and nature and filling the house with daylight and fresh air. The homeowners can easily walk outside using the ISP swing doors, and they can open one wall and leave the side sections closed on windier days. This flexibility and overall transparency are hallmarks of NanaWall’s cornerless system, and the Roanoke home illustrates how a customized fit creates an inviting living experience.