Run of the River

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Leavenworth, WA


Studio Meng Strazzara



Case Study: Run of the River

Anyone attracted to staying in a bed-and-breakfast typically wants to "get away from it all". This is particularly true for a place like Run of the River, a B&B in the Pacific Northwest. Nestled along Washington's Icicle River in Leavenworth, the property is surrounded on two sides by a Department of Wildlife bird refuge. "It's a birder's paradise," boast the owners, "where guests regularly spy great blue heron, osprey, owls, kingfishers, geese and a variety of ducks." The same land is also home to deer and coyote, and even bear and elk are regularly sighted.

NanaWall was able to help Run of the River bring its clientele closer to nature – and vice versa.

Increased Transparency to Connect With Nature

The side of the residential structure that faces the widest vista had incorporated a deck for observation, but suffered from inadequate transparency. This left the interior largely cut off from the views of the forest, the nearby glen, and the river – all invaluable spots for sighting wildlife.

"We were looking to strengthen the connection between the indoors and outdoors," recalls Dennis Erwood, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, a principal at Studio Meng Strazzara and lead for the firm on the Run of the River remodel. "The existing wall and windows did not take advantage of the beautiful view from the main living space."

"We specified NanaWall because of the high quality of the product and the ease of operation, the hardware works beautifully."

A System to Match the Wood Aesthetic

To strengthen that connection and to reflect and enhance the rustic charm of the B&B, Erwood's design included widening the opening in the wall between the living room and the deck. Erwood and his team specified NanaWall's WD65 Wood Framed Folding System, with a NanaScreen add-on to keep out mosquitoes.

The team recommended the system over NanaWall's competitors largely because of the product's quality construction and smooth, simple operation.

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