Sausalito Residence

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Sausalito, CA


Michael Rex Associates



Case Study: Sausalito Residence

Sausalito is a prime location" just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, it offers tremendous views of San Francisco and its beautiful bay. To build a new condominium on Bridgeway Avenue – the main road of this upscale suburb – and to have it perched 30 feet above the local inlet, Richardson Bay, was the challenge presented to the local firm, Michael Rex Architects.

Because of the small footprint of the unit, the designers needed to maximize space. Utilizing NanaWall opening glass walls in the master suite and dining room helped increase the size of the 2,100-square-foot condominium by opening it up and bonding it with the spectacular location.

Increased Sense of Space

The three-floor condominium is significantly vertical in composition. Consequently, the challenge was to make the floor spaces expand horizontally. NanaWall helped accomplish this in the master bedroom and bathroom, as well as the first-floor dining room. According to Michael Rex Architects’ Michael Stankus, AIA, LEED AP, the NanaWall in the master bedroom was an obvious design solution because, “It made the room feel a lot bigger. The opening was the same size as bedroom wall,” he explains. “It also fits the Northern Californian way of life, creating a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor space.”

"The NanaWall systems matched the glazing found throughout the building. They seamlessly integrated into the design.”

Originally, Stankus and his firm were considering using sliding glass doors in the bedroom, bathroom and dining room, but NanaWall allowed for a greater opening. In the master bedroom and dining room this was an excellent design decision, as the homeowners now may relax on their terrace or patio, gazing at Belvedere, Angel Island and the city skyline beyond. Indoor and outdoor space has become one.

The firm used NanaWall because they were familiar with the product and had already used it on a few jobs. Moreover, the NanaWall SL60 system, finished in black anodized aluminum, matched the other glazing on the house and the black finishes throughout the dwelling.

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