Project Location

Sausalito, CA


Michael Rex Associates



"The NanaWall systems matched the glazing found throughout the building. They seamlessly integrated into the design.”

Originally, Stankus and his firm were considering using sliding glass doors in the bedroom, bathroom and dining room, but NanaWall allowed for a greater opening. In the master bedroom and dining room this was an excellent design decision, as the homeowners now may relax on their terrace or patio, gazing at Belvedere, Angel Island and the city skyline beyond. Indoor and outdoor space has become one.

The firm used NanaWall because they were familiar with the product and had already used it on a few jobs. Moreover, the NanaWall SL60 system, finished in black anodized aluminum, matched the other glazing on the house and the black finishes throughout the dwelling.

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“The NanaWall corner units fit flawlessly into our environmentally-driven home, welcoming in the natural aura of the outdoors. The glass walls connect to the landscape, providing a tremendous amount of insulation and natural light.”

“NanaWall transitions the inside to the outdoors beautifully and transparently. During the winter, we close the large glass walls and enjoy our snowy views without worry of any draft or moisture inside.”



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