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Santa Monica, CA





"NanaWall was the choice from  day one."

Creating Multifunctional Space

Designed by at team of architects at the Los Angeles office of Gensler, the Shore Hotel features an SL70 NanaWall system between the pool and meeting space – a monumentally sized, thermally broken aluminum folding panel system.

According to Design Director Fong Liu, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, “The design intention was to expand the space and use the part of the pool deck as a function space. The meeting room itself is multifunctional: during the day it hosts meeting functions and, come evening time, is transformed into a lounge,” he explains. “At times the area serves as party space along with the pool deck.

The choice of NanaWall over other types of operable glass walls or competitive brands was never in doubt, according to Fong. “NanaWall was the choice from day one,” he says, for reasons ranging to reliability and LEED-level performance to the firm’s longstanding success with NanaWall.

"The Shore Hotel is located on Ocean Avenue with great views towards the Pacific Ocean,” says Fong, explaining the design solution. “By connecting the interior and exterior seamlessly without any obstructions, we are not only creating a great guest experience, but allowing the guest to enjoy the nice southern California weather, a spectacular view of the sunset, while also expanding the capacity and use of the space.”

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