Sunset Strip Residence

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Hollywood, CA



Case Study: Sunset Strip Residence

Sunset Boulevard is the framed home of movie stars and entertainment industry moguls. Running west from Hollywood into the hills overlooking Los Angeles, the homes on Sunset enjoy stunning views of the city. Many of the houses are quite old by Los Angeles standards, leading homeowners to renovate and make improvements. With the warm climate and panoramic vistas readily available, NanaWall is a natural fit for many remodeling projects.

"Maximizing the views was obviously a critical aspect of our design," recalls Vianny Boutry, who designed the renovation of this Hollywood home. Principal of Atelier Vianny Boutry, the architect recognized the challenges he faced delivering on his client's desires: An existing solid wall failed to maximize enjoyment of the views, even in spite of the large windows and French doors it contained.

Also, creating a terrace or deck of any real size or value would have been nearly impossible.

"NanaWall's SL45 system allows my client to feel like he is outdoors while inside the house."

Turn a Limited Deck Space Into a Place for Maximum Views

“The deck area in front of the house is limited, because of the steep slope," says Boutry, in reference to the location on the incline of the Hollywood steep outcroppings. Boutry decided after brief contemplation to recommend 11 panels of NanaWall's SL45 Aluminum Framed Folding System. The glass doors would occupy the three openings his design would create, a vast opening to the views.

The NanaWall system capitalized on the position of the home, its surrounding scenery and cooling breezes to the interior. The living room is protected by NanaWall's superior engineering during rare inclement weather, and transformed into a covered deck when opened wide.

"Truly, there was no other type of door system considered," says Boutry. "Open or closed, the NanaWall doors are the perfect solution."

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