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Chandler, AZ





"NanaWall products have such a great reputation for precision of operation and superior engineering, it became a no-brainer to decide which manufacture to use."

"If you need just a pair of sliding doors," Brown continues, "there are other systems which can do the job. But if you need an entire wall to disappear and turn a room into a vast indoor-outdoor space, then NanaWall is the product I would recommend every time."

The massive operable glass wall splits into folding pairs of panels, offering modified openings when a configuration other than fully open or closed is desired. When closed, the Recreation Center lobby continues to enjoy immersion in natural daylight.



“We wanted the full length view of a glass wall in a conditioned space, with the flexibility to open the doors to turn it into a patio. NanaWall was the only product that was impact rated and could meet the wind load requirements for these openings.”

"The division of the new dining room into two separate function areas created by the NanaWall harmonizes perfectly with the character and detail of this fine old building.”

"The NanaWall system was key to creating a flexible floor plan to host a variety of events in type and size. It enabled us to seamlessly connect the exterior spaces to the interior, providing guests with a memorable experience."

“Coronado is blessed with world-class views and weather. NanaWall enabled us to extend the interior spaces to the outside while enhancing the experience of those inside the center.” 


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