Project Location

Wapiti Valley, WY





“The climate in Wyoming is quite volatile and weather conditions change frequently,” Nave says. “The homeowners love the capability to be able to open one panel – or the whole system – at any given time based on the weather.”

One of the most enjoyed (and greenest) features of the home is a NanaWall SL70 folding panel system in the living/dining/entertainment area. The moveable glass walls allow the residents to have a “bring-the-outdoors-in” experience, according to Nave.  “They use their NanaWall system all of the time,” he adds.

“Before selecting NanaWall, we loosely looked at other wall solutions including Quantum, but we couldn’t seem to find the features we wanted for this project including an all-aluminum, minimal sightline solution,” Nave recalls. “With NanaWall, we were able to find what the homeowner was looking for.”



“Using the NanaWall operable glass walls presented an opening to bring in the pool deck and an exterior view without any obstructions. I am very satisfied with the outcome.”

“Our ambition as architects for this home was not simply to frame the view but to become one with the landscape. The NanaWall system achieved this in one elegant and dramatic gesture.” 

"NanaWall allowed us to create uninterrupted views to the Chesapeake Bay and open the west wall of the Loblolly House, effectively transforming the interior of the house into a porch." 

"During the mild winter months in South Florida, we can open our NanaWall system and bring the indoors and outdoors together. During our humid summers, we can shut out the weather but are still able to view our beautiful outdoor environment.” 



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