Wine Country Residence

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Napa, CA



Case Study: Wine Country Residence

"I envisioned a green or sustainably built home, that was very modern and simple blended in with this beautiful Sonoma site,” says Diana Sanson, who chose the unusual technique of rammed-earth walls for her efficient, contemporary home. “Yet, another part of the vision was to have as much glass as possible, while still maintaining the R-value required by the California’s Title 24 that you have to pass.”

Having done her homework – alone and with the technical support of Mike Baushke, founding partner of Apparatus Architecture in San Francisco and a specialist in rammed earth – Sanson chose NanaWall for the innovative home. The concept was to wrap a prominent corner of the house in opening glass walls, and to commune with nature whether the glass wall is closed or completely open.

“NanaWalls are beautifully engineered and insulated, but they are still glass,” says Sanson. She envisaged the room with the glass in a multipanel system, treated for UV and temperature control as well as a low-emissivity coating. The open corner was critical to the design concept.

"The NanaWall operable glass walls fit flawlessly as corner units, welcoming the natural aura of the outdoors."

Designing With Open Corners

NanaWall could deliver on the rigorous specs – and the open corners. So the designer and homeowner drew plans for six NanaWall openings totaling 32 panels, using the NanaWall SL45 aluminum-framed folding systems. With their thermal break and insulated frames, the units would help improve efficiency even in spite of the tremendous glass area.

“We aimed to create an open-air atmosphere connected to the mesmerizing landscape,” says Sanson. “The NanaWall operable glass walls fit flawlessly as corner units, welcoming the natural aura of the outdoors and complementing the clay-like, sedimentary look of our rammed-earth home.”

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