Lake Oasis

Woodmere Island, Muskoka

Year-Round Translucence

Hired to create a one-of-a-kind entertaining and dining experience for a private client, the Canadian architect The Ventin Group conceived a creative way to bring Woodmere Island’s remarkable views and fresh air into this large, impressive space. Set on beautiful Lake Muskoka north of Toronto, the entertaining oasis would have long glass or screen walls, on two opposite sides, that completely open to the outdoors. The architects faced two key challenges: First, contending with a four-season climate and plenty of mosquitos, and second, ensuring exceptional aesthetics and an owner-friendly operating system for the transparent, operable façades.

One-Track Solution

The Ventin Group resolved both challenges with NanaWall’s HSW60, specifying thermally broken aluminum frames and a single-track sliding system for the glass walls, the screen panels, or fully open and retracted into hidden alcoves. NanaWall’s design team detailed the operable system with incorporated swing panel (ISP) units, which open like double French doors. The entire wall can easily move and stack, by pushing one panel at a time into dedicated closets. Prior to finalizing their design, an animation showed the architectural team and the owner how both the glass and screen enclosures share a single track. The special feature engineered to allow the single track approach was a wall-mounted corner post at each end of the single track, equipped with a locking mechanism to tightly seal the wall panels when in place. This made the enclosure resistant to cold air and moisture when used with the glass panels, and resistant to insects when used with the screen panels.

Fine Dining – and Details

Today, guests enter the dining and entertaining room from either of two incorporated swing panels (ISPs), which The Ventin group symmetrically placed in the room on opposite sides. The hosts can lock the integral screens or glass wall systems with the same, simple 180-degree turn of the engineered corner posts. In this way, The Ventin Group employed the custom NanaWall HSW60 system so that -- no matter the season -- guests can enjoy beautiful, broad vistas and even the fresh lakeside air of Ontario with a simple turn and push of the operable walls.