7 Design Ideas to Elevate the Poolside Experience with Moveable Glass Walls

By NanaWall Systems, May 31, 2023

moveable glass walls

You don’t always need a cabana or detached ADU to take your poolside experience to the next level of cool. However admittedly, having a dedicated pool house can significantly elevate it. Sometimes a flexible design solution like moveable glass walls can facilitate quick and easy transitions to the pool right from the comfort of your home—such as the kitchen, living room, or even the bedroom. Talk about the ultimate space for entertaining!  Whether it be by leveraging folding or sliding opening glass wall systems, these seven awe-striking residences are ready to make a splash this summer with the ultimate flexible, weather-performing design solution.

Design Inspiration: Making the Pool Easily Accessible with Moveable Glass Walls  

Generation 4 moveable glass walls

1. A Hidden Residential Gem Within the Mountains 

Building outside the box in a historically traditional neighborhood required architectural ingenuity and respect for the existing natural landscape at this Birmingham residence. The result was a contemporary “box” that parallels the organic materials of its surroundings while enhancing a connection to the environment and the outdoor amenities. A large NanaWall opening glass wall system perfectly connects the primary living spaces to the pool and adjacent lounge area. As a Generation 4 folding glass wall, the panels can be stacked to the left, right, or center of the opening for maximum flexibility. 

NanaWall moveable glass walls

2. A Resort-Like Experience at Home

This breathtaking residence makes lounging by the pool a luxurious experience. The pool itself seems never-ending as it extends out onto the horizon. Multiple NanaWall moveable glass walls open the interior lounge areas immediately into the pool and outdoor living areas, ideal for entertaining or simply immersing the home in the elements. The pool is so close to the living room that one could easily enjoy watching the sports channel straight from the pool. The versatility of these opening glass wall systems allows homeowners to customize their space by fully or partially opening the panels, depending on their needs. Luxurious relaxation at its best!

sliding moveable glass walls

3. A Hawaiian Vacation Home for the Entire Family 

This two-story marvel is the epitome of a perfect Hawaiian vacation home. From the pool that appears to glow at night to the multiple opening glass wall systems that line the ocean-facing exterior façade. The primary living spaces and home amenities spill out into the tiled deck almost as if no walls existed there at all. The panels of the NanaWall sliding glass wall individually glide away, even around posts and corners, to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors and fully immerse the home with the tropical environment. One notable feature of the HSW60 glass system is its use of optional floor sockets instead of a floor track. By eliminating the need for a floor track, this design choice ensures an unobstructed space, making it ideal for bare feet going in and out of the pool.

Generation 4 moveable glass wall systems

4. Multiple Openings for Quicker Pool Access

Functionality at its best. The owners of this expansive family home have turned their backyard into an outdoor oasis with beautifully landscaped gardens and a large pool for cooling down in the Summer. Rather than adapting conventional patio doors, three large Generation 4 moveable glass walls were specified to completely open the primary living areas to the open-air living spaces and views. The panels effortlessly glide on stainless steel sills flushed to the floor for quick, unobstructed transitions when jumping in and out of the pool. All while promoting bright and airy interiors! 

hurricane rated moveable glass walls

5. Fun Shapes and Bold Colors

Fun never stops at this Florida residence, especially when the pool can be accessed from multiple rooms! Bold shapes and colors elevate the home’s exterior façade as well as the expansive pool that curves around the primary living spaces. Multiple weather-performing moveable glass walls facilitate access to the pool for year-round entertainment while protecting interiors from harsh weather when needed. The NanaWall SL73 specified is a highly durable, hurricane rated system that offers peace of mind and low maintenance. Perfect for year-round entertainment and indoor/outdoor living!

aluminum framed moveable glass walls

6. “Splash Room” Offers Year-Round Fun

The homeowners at this Queenstown residence wanted to build a space that could host their entire family for generations to come. Surrounded by a vast landscape of trees and sparkling river waters, the home is a hub for outdoor recreation. To ensure year-round entertainment, the homeowners specified an additional covered pool with four NanaWall opening glass wall systems to protect it from the elements when needed. These weather-performing systems offer enough energy efficiency to keep weather extremes out and ensure a comfortable environment for enjoying a swim even in the heart of winter. Talk about functionality! 

cero minimal moveable glass walls

7. Relaxing by the Pool with a View

Minimal sliding glass walls create dramatic openings with the largest floor-to-ceiling panels available in the NanaWall product family.  For this hilltop residence, multiple opening glass wall systems offer unlimited views of the city landscape down below and the crystalline infinity pool just a few feet away. The large cero glass panels easily glide to the side for quick poolside lounging or making a splash straight from the living room, or enjoying an alfresco dinner on the outdoor dining table. We can only imagine the fun nights of entertaining on that extensive deck! 

Final Thoughts 

The appeal of NanaWall moveable glass walls extends further than mere aesthetics. These easily operable systems are coveted for their ability to transform conventional residential spaces into multifunctional, indoor/outdoor rooms. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels create wide openings that immediately connect interiors to outdoor living spaces—from gardens and patios to lounges and pools. Barely-there thresholds create seamless, barefoot-friendly transitions that prioritize safety and functionality while advanced weather performance enhances durability and ensures low maintenance. Whether the panels are opened or closed, you can always keep an eye on guests when entertaining or the kids as they splash around in the pool—a truly versatile solution for an unforgettable poolside experience. 

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