9 Easy Bathroom Renovation Ideas with Retractable Glass Doors

By NanaWall Systems, August 25, 2021

retractable glass doors in bathroom design

Looking for ways to upgrade your bathroom? Look no further than these top 9 bathroom designs featuring retractable glass doors. The highly coveted indoor/outdoor lifestyle demands residential spaces that open to the outdoors while reaping the benefits of fresh air and daylight. In the bathroom, retractable glass doors recreate the exhilarating yet serene experience of bathing outdoors with large glass wall openings that invite the outdoors in. Energy-efficient systems maintain comfortable interiors year-round so you can happily enjoy the changing seasons right from your bathtub. So, if you’re ready to take your bathroom experience to the next level consider these flexible, long-lasting, and easily operable solutions for a highly luxurious effect.

9 Bathroom Designs with Retractable Glass Doors

1. Beach Grove Oasis

retractable glass doors in oceanfront bathroom

At this Beach Grove residence, the fresh ocean breeze is easily accessible from every room of the house—including the bathroom. The bright and airy space opens to an extensive deck that runs through the ocean-facing length of the residence. Pristine white walls reflect natural sunlight to create a dreamy ambiance. The weather-performing accordion style glass doors elevate the experience with a front row seat to ocean views as well as breathtaking sunsets.

2. Hawaiian Bathroom Getaway

accordian style glass doors in bathroom

There’s no better way to enhance your vacation home than to transform the bathroom into a spa-like retreat with panoramic coastal views and immediate access to the outdoors. This Maui residence leverages NanaWall HSW single track sliding glass walls and aluminum clad accordion style glass doors to open nearly every room in the house towards the ocean. The homeowners certainly never fail to enjoy a sunset over the tropical waters of their Hawaiian abode.

3. Optimized Views to Los Angeles

retractable glass windows in bath design

At this Los Angeles Hills Residence, the bath becomes an at-home destination. Window-sized retractable glass doors offer enthralling views to the bustling city below. Despite their relatively modest size, these systems have the ability to completely open the space to the natural world outdoors. It’s no surprise that after the renovation, the bathroom became the homeowner’s favorite room in the house.

4. Tiburon View Residence

retractable glass doors create indoor outdoor bathroom

Most Tiburon homes offer awestriking views to the infamous Golden Gate Bridge, including this two-story hillside residence. Taking full advantage of its location, the homeowners specified NanaWall HSW60 single track sliding glass walls in every room, including the bathroom, to fully enjoy the beauty of the coast and view of the Golden Gate while also leveraging the protection of these weather performing systems when needed.

5. Sausalito Residence Offers Serene Views

accordion style glass doors in residential bath design

Sausalito is a prime location north of the Golden Gate Bridge, offering panoramic views of San Francisco and the bay. Perched atop Richardson Bay, this 2,100-square-foot condominium utilized multiple accordion style glass doors to maximize the sense of space and optimize its ideal site. In the master bathroom, the NanaWall systems connect the space to the outdoors for a serene bath experience enhanced by tree canopies and awestriking sightlines.

6. Hawaiian Retreat Optimizes Views

retractable glass doors in bathroom

This Hawaiian Airbnb sure knows how to appeal to vacationers. Every water-facing room in the residence leverages NanaWall retractable glass doors that open the home to picture-perfect views, fully immersing guests in the tropical environment. Vacationers want to take full advantage of their trip with an experience that often cannot be recreated at home—opening glass walls do just that by seamlessly extending interiors into ideal destinations.

7. A European Getaway

minimal framed retractable glass doors in bathroom

Paradise is just a few sliding glass walls away for the homeowners of this waterfront abode. The contemporary bathroom design offers easy access from the beach to the shower, which eliminates the possibility of tracking sand or dirt back into the home. NanaWall systems minimal sliding glass wall, cero®, offers the largest floor-to-ceiling panels available for ultimate sightlines and minimalism without sacrificing performance and ease of operation.

8. Birmingham Bath Renovation

indoor outdoor bathtub with retractable glass doors

After buying their ideal home, the homeowners wanted to create an airy bath experience that would open to the outdoors and take in garden and pool views. After all, what can be more luxurious than a bath with a view? To accomplish this, the architect specified accordion style glass doors with simulated divided lites right next to the bathtub for a one-of-a-kind bathing experience that mimics the feel of being outdoors.

9. An Industrial Modern Remodel

retractable glass doors

Formerly a garage and woodshop, this Brooklyn space was turned into an industrial-modern indoor/outdoor home by none other than the host of popular kids show Blue’s Clues. The home wraps around an interior courtyard with multiple accordion style glass doors that connect nearly every room of the house to the outdoors, including the spa-like bathroom with a sunken soaking tub and exposed shower.

Final Thoughts

We wouldn’t blame you if you started planning your next bathroom renovation with retractable glass doors before finishing this blog. The effect these systems can have in your bathroom space is sure to elevate the ambiance and perhaps increase the value of your home. These transparent residential design solutions are not only easy to operate but also customizable to every project all the way down to the color of the frames. NanaWall systems are independently tested for air, water, structural, thermal, operation, forced entry, and sound control with excellent results, ensuring maximum comfort and protection where needed most.

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