Celebrating Innovation: Commercial Design Honorable Mentions of the 2023 NanaAwards

By NanaWall Systems, April 17, 2024

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As we applaud the creativity and innovation showcased by the winners of the 2023 NanaAwards, it's crucial to recognize the outstanding contributions of our commercial design projects’ esteemed Honorable Mentions. These projects exemplify the exceptional use of retractable glass systems, pushing the envelope in commercial architecture to create design-forward spaces that are functional as well as inspirational. Let's delve into the commercial projects that have earned well-deserved accolades for their innovation and excellence.

NanaAwards Honorable Mentions - Commercial Design Projects

NanaAwards 2023 commercial design honorable mention

Boulder Country Club

The Boulder Country Club's renovation marks a significant transformation, turning an iconic clubhouse into a modern, functional gem. Sopher Sparn Architects masterfully utilized energy-efficient folding glass systems to introduce a seamless indoor-outdoor connection in the Fireside Lounge and Family Grille. This redesign not only enhances the club's aesthetic appeal but also its versatility, accommodating diverse events and gatherings with elegance and ease.

NanaWall retractable walls in commercial design

Copacabana Restaurant Niagara Falls

An ambitious renovation undertaken by Raimondo + Associates Architects, in collaboration with Florida-based interior design firm FFD, has reimagined the Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse in Ontario, Canada. Featuring performance retractable glass walls on both the lower level and rooftop bar, the design transforms the dining experience by merging indoor comfort with outdoor ambiance. This maximizes daylight and views while promoting a vibrant, engaging environment for patrons.

interior commercial design honorable mention NanaAwards

Haymarket Books with Interior Folding Glass Walls

In a unique blend of history and modernity, 34-TEN transformed a historic 1917 mansion in Chicago into an office and community space for Haymarket Books. Preserving significant original details while incorporating a customized folding glass wall, this project highlights the adaptability of interior opening glass wall systems. The flexibility between the conference and reading rooms encourages collaboration and community engagement, illustrating the potential of thoughtful design to foster innovative workspaces.

commercial workplace design witn NanaWall folding doors

DSV Global Transport and Logistics

Ware Malcomb Architects' vision for DSV Global Transport and Logistics in Southern California exemplifies the integration of health and wellness into the workplace. By choosing thermally rated folding glass walls, the design creates a spacious, community-style break room that opens outward onto an exterior patio area. This not only promotes well-being and fresh air for employees but also enhances the overall aesthetic and functional quality of the office space.

Honorable mention NanaAwards commercial design project

Final Thoughts

As we honor these projects, we're reminded of the power of architecture and design to transform, improve, and elevate diverse commercial spaces across a myriad of industries. These commercial honorable mentions of the 2023 NanaAwards stand as a testament to the creativity, vision, and dedication of the architects, designers, and clients who strive to push the envelope in commercial design with transformative solutions like opening glass walls.

We look forward to the continued innovation and excellence that will undoubtedly emerge in the next cycle of the NanaAwards. Congratulations to all the honorable mentions for their outstanding contributions to the field of commercial architecture and design. Your work inspires us all to imagine more dynamic, versatile, and engaging spaces for the future.

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