From Grand Football Stadiums to Homes—Designing with Sliding Glass Wall Systems

By NanaWall Systems, February 7, 2024

stadium sliding glass wall systems

As football season comes to a close, fans nationwide congregate in stadiums, basking in the excitement and ambiance that only live games can provide. This Super Bowl game day, take a moment to observe the surroundings. The large, sleek sliding glass wall systems maximize natural light and views, and the VIP sections flaunt slimly framed systems with clean lines. You have likely experienced the exceptional quality and engineering of NanaWall Systems. Even Taylor Swift fans have been excited about the current football hype and searched stadiums high and low for sightings this year. Sliding glass walls enhance spaces everywhere from grand stadiums and event venues to residential homes and beyond.

stadium design with sliding glass walls by NanaWall

Over 200+ Stadiums Designed with Sliding Glass Wall Systems

NanaWall is proud to have helped reshape and contribute to the success of more than 200+ sports venue projects worldwide including NFL, college football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and many more. Some of the amazing stadiums designed with these commercially rated and tested systems include the home of the Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants/Jets, and Philadelphia Eagles. Sports parks outside of the NFL are also installing performance-rated sliding glass walls, including the Mercedes-Benz stadium, the Atlanta Braves  Truist Park, and TQL, FC Cincinnati Stadium. Join us as we look into the future of transforming sports venues and patron experiences as we celebrate this year’s Super Bowl!

NanaWall sliding glass systems

A New Gold Standard in Stadium Design

Renowned stadiums across the country have selected commercially rated sliding glass wall systems for their impeccable blend of design, functionality, and advanced engineering. Let's delve into why these innovative systems have become a hallmark of stadium design. They enhance the overall experience in sports and event venues by maximizing natural light and fostering fan’s connection to the outdoors. Sliding and frameless systems offer minimal sight lines and fresh air circulation, intensifying the enjoyment of any event. These systems allow you to increase the circle of sight and optimize space with different layouts to accommodate varying seating arrangements. The perfect solution for stadium and arena suites, VIP sections, commentators’ areas, and press booths. Create unobstructed sightlines to the field for attendees, even when closed. Systems can stack out of the sliding to transform sports stadiums into the ultimate indoor-outdoor game-watching venue. 

Cal Stadium with NanaWall sliding glass wall systems

How Stadium Owners Benefit from Sliding Glass Wall Systems

Stadium owners benefit from a continual ROI using commercial sliding glass wall systems, enhancing the fan experience and operational versatility. Exceptional stadiums offer elevated stylized suites for patrons and well-designed spaces that exude high-end hospitality for year-round events. Maximize stadium seating, increase ticket sales, and create more areas for VIP events. Versatile framed or frameless sliding glass wall system configurations park completely out of the way maximizing useable space and adding seating, especially in suites. They create an unobstructed view when open and clean sightlines when closed, even when the weather is bad. Sports venue owners strategically invest in enhancing interiors in exclusive areas like suites; these systems help maintain the quality and appeal of stadium interiors. In the off-season, the systems protect interior spaces and furnishings from exposure and unauthorized entry. These systems offer unparalleled performance and can accommodate unlimited spans and even curved openings.

Stellar NFL Stadiums Designed with NanaWall

MetLife Stadium press booth sliding glass wall system

MetLife Stadium | NY Giants & NY Jets

The first stadium to be built as a home for two NFL teams, nestled in East Rutherford, NJ, the MetLife Stadium stands as a paragon of architectural innovation. Given the stature of such a project, the design needed to accommodate not just the roaring crowds but also cater to the precise needs of sports media giants, including ESPN. The challenge? To design an opening from the broadcast booth offering unparalleled views, regardless of weather conditions, that could stack completely outside of sight. Enter sliding glass wall systems, designed to stretch across a 15-foot span of doors, to ensure that whether the weather is rain or shine, millions of fans at home get an unadulterated experience of the game. An HSW60 single track sliding solution with panels that stack outside the sliding was chosen for the former venue of Superbowl XLVIII.

frameless sliding glass wall systems at Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings - U.S. Bank Stadium

As a former Super Bowl venue, the U.S. Bank Stadium is situated in lovely downtown Minneapolis and was completed in 2016. It is a fixed roof designed by renowned international architectural firm HKS Inc. This venue has a seating capacity of 66,200 during most events, but for special events such as the Super Bowl, it can seat up to 73,000 people. The entrance to the building features five of the world’s largest hinged doors, which range from 75 to 95 feet tall. The stadium’s overall design is intended to be reminiscent of rock and ice formations in the Mississippi River. The arena is fully outfitted with frameless sliding glass wall systems used to enclose a vast array of locations around the stadium, including many of its plush executive suites.

Caorolina Panthers Stadium with NanaWall sliding glass wall systems

Carolina Panthers Stadium in Charlotte, NC

While a stadium should be a feast for the eyes and offer unmatched experiences during the season, it also must stand the test of time and ensure security in the off-season. The Carolina Panthers Bank of America stadium recognized this need as they compete fervently in the NFL. Their North Carolina home also needed to be safeguarded against potential weather, threats, or wear. These sliding glass wall systems offer not just aesthetic value and seating but security performance as well. The result is a venue that's not only a visual delight but also a fortress, ensuring the Panthers have a sanctuary season after season. This multi-purpose, open-air stadium has 74,867 seats optimized and protected by an expansive HSW60 system.

Impressive College Stadiums with Sliding Glass Wall Systems

Boise State Bronco stadium sliding glass systems

Bronco | Boise State Stadium with Sliding Glass Wall Systems

Stueckle Sky Center and Bronco Stadium hold one of the longest single installations of sliding glass wall systems totaling 324 feet of unobstructed views whether the system is opened or closed. The stadium additions addressed needed improvements to the University's operations of production and media broadcast support for its athletic department. Esteemed FFKR Architects emphasized new opportunities for improvements in the arena design to feature luxury seating and event spaces for big fans of the BSU Broncos on three of four new levels: loge boxes, club seating, and sky suites. The Loge level's HSW60 opening glass walls are smaller in scale but with floor-to-ceiling glass to provide a stunning view of Broncos football events in any weather.

U of O Autzen stadium sliding glass wall systems

University of Oregon Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR 

Situated in Eugene, Oregon, Autzen Stadium at the University of Oregon has been a beacon for football excellence since its debut in the 60s. Recognized as the vibrant home of the Oregon Ducks, Autzen’s distinctive “double-sided amphitheater” design amplifies the enthusiasm of its fans. The arena expansions added seating totaling 54,000, luxury suites, and private clubs through incorporating solutions including HSW60 systems. Designed for both exterior and interior spaces, these sliding glass wall systems offer complete customization and sound control of up to unit STC 43. With a range of glass options catering to privacy and acoustics, these systems seamlessly integrate into the stadium and deliver unparalleled game-day experiences.

ClimaCLEAR sliding glass wall systems at Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium at The University of Alabama  

The Bryant-Denny Stadium is almost a century old, has 100k+ seats, and is the tenth-largest stadium in the world. Preserving the historic structure and protecting the interiors while upgrading its functionality was paramount in this update. Architects relied on frameless ClimaCLEAR as the only patented system of its kind that offers transparent weather protection without visual interruptions. With unparalleled weather seal transparency, panels are so clear that they practically vanish, ensuring fans don’t miss a moment of the action. Systems accommodate unlimited spans and can be parked anywhere. Transform previously unusable spaces into strategic spots for panel storage. Give ticket holders the best views possible while ensuring their comfort and safety regardless of weather. When closed, systems efficiently channel water away, protecting the interiors during rainy weather and when not in use.

residential folding and sliding glass wall systems

From Grand Stadiums to Cozy Homes

Now, think about bringing the same architectural brilliance, performance, and top-notch engineering to residential projects. These same systems used in high-traffic stadiums assure quality, durability, and year-round performance in homes everywhere. Made locally in the Bay Area, CA, these systems redefine innovative architecture for new constructions and remodels across the board. As we cheer along at this year's Super Bowl game, remember that the same quality and precision folding or sliding glass wall systems that amplify stadium experiences are available and fully customizable for residential projects.  

Cal Stadium with sliding glass wall

Final Thoughts

This is a fantastic time to consider integrating the same grandeur and functionality of folding or sliding glass walls into residential applications. If it is suitable for major sports stadiums across the country, it's undoubtedly perfect for your home. Rest assured that the very same excellence seen in stadiums can be part of your daily life. With NanaWall, you're not just choosing a brand; you're opting for unparalleled performance and operation, be it in a bustling stadium or the comfort of your home. 

Learn more about stadium design with NanaWall sliding glass wall systems on our sports venue application page, or request a quote today!