Home Design Excellence: 2023 NanaAwards Honorable Mentions Designed with Residential Glass Walls

By NanaWall Systems, May 1, 2024

residential glass walls

The 2023 NanaAwards have once again highlighted the incredible versatility and beauty of residential glass walls in home design. While the winners have undoubtedly captured our attention, the esteemed 2023 Honorable Mention winners deserve a special spotlight for their remarkable contributions to enhancing living spaces. These projects showcase the innovative use of folding glass systems in various residential settings, from waterfront homes to cozy backyard studios. Let's dive into the exceptional designs that have set new standards for residential architecture and interior design.

folding residential glass walls

Masterful Home Design Using Residential Glass Walls

lakefront residential glass wall systems

Lake Views from Every Level - Saskatchewan Lakehouse

This custom-built lakefront home by Rosswill Homes Ltd in Saskatchewan, Canada truly capitalizes on the stellar views across all three levels of the home. From the primary bedroom to the kitchen and living room, all floors allow the option to open up via thermally rated folding glass walls and windows to extend the living spaces to the outdoors and gorgeous lake views.

lakehouse residential glass walls

Lakefront Living Redefined in Sandpoint Idaho

Designed for both summer and winter entertaining, this Sandpoint Idaho home built by Rosswill Homes Ltd, maximizes their stunning natural settings. To achieve the ultimate flexibility in the gathering spaces, a pass-through folding window is used in the kitchen to entertain, and a full-height folding wall is used in the dining room to connect the indoor space to the amazing patio!

Generation 4 residential glass wall systems at lakefront

New Build with Waterfront Glass Walls - Old Hickory Lake

Nestled on the serene banks of Old Hickory Lake in Mt. Juliet, TN, this breathtaking new build by Alex Pettas Architecture perfectly captures the essence of waterfront living. The homeowners' vision of enjoying unobstructed lake views and an adaptable indoor/outdoor entertaining space was brought to life with Generation 4 NW 840 residential glass walls, creating a seamless transition between the kitchen, dining area, and the great outdoors.

aluminum framed residential glass walls

Embracing the Outdoors - Northshore Cottage & Patio

Tucked away in tranquil Hecla Island, in Manitoba Canada, this project by Grindstone Renovations started as a renovation, but quickly became a new build. The clients wanted the feeling of being outdoors while enjoying the comforts from inside. The energy-efficient folding glass walls allow the sunroom to be opened or closed effortlessly, tailoring the space to various needs and weather conditions. A stunning sunroom and space design that allows the homeowners to enjoy the beauty of nature and natural light while providing protection from the elements all year long.

porch design with residential patio wall systems

A Covered Patio & Lanai Create Flexible Outdoor Living

In the picturesque landscape and rolling hills of Ontario, this Covered Lanai project by Boona Studio redefines outdoor living. This newly built home was designed to maximize exposure to the tree-lined view from the primary living spaces and the covered lanai. The gorgeous and light-filled lanai was designed with great consideration to provide the ultimate flexibility using six Generation 4 NW 640 folding glass wall systems. With unparalleled energy efficiency and performance, these systems allow residents to enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of their homes year-round.

remodel with residential glass wall systems by NanaWall

Legacy and Vision - North Beach Whole House Remodel

This comprehensive remodel in Seattle, WA, by Crescent Builds, leveraged the stunning views of the Puget Sound to double the home's usable square footage. The folding residential glass walls here serve as the key versatile element, transitioning from a convenient single door to a fully open wall, blending the indoors with the breathtaking outdoors seamlessly.

sliding residential glass walls

Unique Designs - Centennial Design Dream Come True

In Prescott, AZ, homeowners' unique visions were realized. They had a long-awaited dream to open up the main living space to the outdoors. Purchased in 2014, the beautiful, open corner room designed using innovative folding glass wall system is now a central feature of the homeowners' dream home, built by the expert team at J & J Construction.

frameless residential glass walls for interiors

Unique Designs - The Frameless Wonder of Post Falls

Inspired by time spent in Hawaii, this unique and modern Post Falls, ID home uses visually disappearing frameless glass walls to achieve the homeowner's design goals. Built by Gunder Building Group, the energy-efficient opening glass systems were an integral part of the design, providing flexibility to create a unique, light-filled space that extends the enjoyment of the Idaho seasons year-round. 

folding residential wall systems

Open Walls for Cold Climates - Americana Home Remodel

The transformation of a Wisconsin farmhouse by Wade Design & Construction exemplifies how residential glass walls and doors can enhance family living and entertainment. The integration of multiple folding glass systems in this design not only expands the living space but also effortlessly connects to the surrounding natural beauty. The result is a welcoming, light-filled home design that honors its heritage while offering modern comforts and stunning views that draw the outside in.

remodeling with residential folding glass walls

Modernizing Tradition – Atchison’s Refined Renovation

In Centennial, CO, Lauren Shadid Architecture + Interiors transformed a 1960s-era home into a modern marvel with a strong indoor/outdoor connection. The renovation centered around a new open-layout kitchen and great room, creating a more flexible living space. Generation 4 NW 640 systems effortlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing energy efficiency and year-round comfort. "I find NanaWall to be the gold-standard for operable walls." - Architect Lauren Shadid.

garage conversion with residential folding glass systems

From Garage to Garden Room - Phinney ADU Renovation

Addressing the need for additional living space, this ingenious Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Seattle, WA, showcases the transformative potential of innovative residential glass walls. The once-dilapidated garage in Seattle, WA was given new life when Crescent Builds transformed it into an inviting garden studio with year-round enjoyment. An open corner folding glass wall unit adds an abundance of light and creates a new level of connectivity to the backyard. This garage renovation project truly highlights how flexibility and openness can redefine small living spaces.

ADU design with residential glass wall systems

Woodland ADU - Integrating Nature with Design

Five years ago, this Silicon Valley homeowner embarked on transforming her 20' x 22' garage into the perfect tiny home. As owner of a 900 sq ft house and detached garage built in 1949, she decided to remodel the garage to provide additional living space for her family. Opening the dwelling to the adjacent deck with a weather performing folding glass system was the perfect solution to expand the living space to the outdoors.

lakefront home design with NanaWall glass walls

Final Thoughts

The honorable mentions of the 2023 NanaAwards exemplify the endless possibilities that opening residential glass walls bring to home design. Each project, with its unique challenges and visionary solutions, contributes to the evolving landscape of modern living spaces. These designs elevate the aesthetics and functionality of their environments and inspire future projects to explore new dimensions in design.

We celebrate these exceptional residential projects for their innovative use of NanaWall systems, enhancing the quality of life for homeowners and setting new benchmarks in architecture and interior design. Congratulations to all the honorable mentions for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the field. Your visions have expanded the horizons of residential design, showcasing the limitless potential of combining creativity with the finest architectural solutions.

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