How Much Maintenance Does a NanaWall System Really Need?

By NanaWall Systems, October 18, 2017

You bought a NanaWall system, had it properly installed by a NanaWall Certified Installer, you use your system regularly but don’t abuse it, so now what?

How much care does a NanaWall system really need to stay in tip-top shape?

The answer, honestly, is not much.

Here are the four steps to maintaining your NanaWall system:

#1 Cleaning

Your NanaWall system needs to be cleaned regularly. The frequency of cleaning depends on exposure to the elements and your system’s finish. For aluminum surfaces, warm soapy water should suffice. More stubborn stains can be removed with mineral spirits.

Wood surfaces can be washed with water and a soft-bristled, long-handled brush. If dirt has built up, it can be removed with a mild solution of household detergent. Never use aggressive alkaline or acid cleaners on your system.

Also, be sure to keep all weep holes clean and clear of any obstructions (this is especially important in the winter). Remove debris and any other junk which may have dropped into the tracks in the head jamb or sill immediately to prevent damage - this can be easily done with a vacuum attachment or brush. Clean all other components as needed.

For metal systems located within one mile of the ocean, please note that these environments can be very corrosive and that your system might require some additional care. Consult your system’s owner’s manual for further instructions.

#2 Lubrication

We recommend applying lubricant to all the hinges and Teflon spray to the running carriages and guiding trolleys about every six months. Keeping the system lubricated ensures that it continues to run smoothly.

#3 Check Your Operating Technique

Just to be on the safe side, let’s review your operating technique. The easiest way to damage your system is to use it improperly. Your system should glide smoothly across its track, and if properly installed, should require minimal effort to do so. Never drag the panels. Placing your hands on the frame to guide them and walking them open or closed should be all the force necessary to operate them.

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#4 Adjust Accordingly

If you notice any building settlement or header sag occurring in your home, you will definitely want to call one of our certified installers. Your system is adjustable, so even if the alignment of your home shifts, our certified installers can adjust your system for peak performance and operation.

And that’s pretty much it!

Just a final note though: Even though your system is a custom-created piece, every last inch of it is replaceable. We have all the parts you need to keep your system in good working order, and our Service Department and our NanaWall Certified Installers are always just a call away if you need them.

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