HSW Systems 03: Customizable Stacking Options That Allow Panels to Disappear

By NanaWall Systems, October 18, 2018

customizable stacking with NanaWall HSW Systems single track sliding glass walls in offices and more

There are many outstanding things about our top-hung single track sliding HSW systems — their ability to accommodate an unlimited number of panels, to avoid structural obstacles, to take on virtually any specifiable shape, but perhaps none more so than the ability of their panels to seemingly vanish into thin air with the customizable stacking of the panels.

NanaWall single track sliding HSW systems

Customizable Stacking of NanaWall HSW Systems

There are numerous ways in which the individual panels of an HSW system can be stacked away. Stacking panels inside the frame of the opening is one option. However, customizable stacking panels outside of the opening creates a particularly inviting passage we call a “pure opening,” and facilitates the best possible utilization of space.

NanaWall frameless single track sliding glass wall system

Customizable Stacking Options

Our remote stacking options assist in the creation of highly functional walls, space liberation, and are sure to impress even when out of view. Panels can be stacked near or far—design the head track to where you want it to go, and the panels will follow.

NanaWall Aluminum Framed Sliding Glass Walls

We Are Here to Help

Our dedicated Conceptual Design Team can help you plan stacking bays that accept panels inserted at an angle parallel to the track, perpendicular to the track, or any other angular configuration you specify.

NanaWall customizable stacking and HSW Systems

Additionally with customizable stacking, panels can stack to the left, right, inside, outside, on one side, or on both sides of the opening. The stacking area can be wide or narrow. Explore stacking and relevant animations.

NanaWall wood framed single track sliding glass wall system

With our HSW systems, the number of possible customizable stacking configurations is practically endless allowing you to maximize both space and design opportunities—Boundaries Unbound™.

Questions about customizable stacking and HSW Systems? Send us an email at info@nanawall.com