Let the Sunshine In: How Commercial Glass Walls Can Improve Your Business

commercial glass walls

In today's competitive commercial business landscape, creating a welcoming, vibrant, and productive environment is paramount to improving business. Transform usable square footage to create more flexible space and make buildings and the outdoors more accessible. Commercial glass walls help business owners, architects, and designers differentiate buildings, create better investment opportunities, increase ROI and property value, and retain more long-term tenants. Successful commercial spaces increasingly lean towards maximizing natural light and open-air ventilation, creating open floor plan designs to leverage the benefits of biophilic design. Studies have shown this type of exposure to natural light and fresh air can improve business by increasing productivity, reducing stress levels, and enhancing overall well-being.

aluminum commercial glass walls

Breathe Life into Spaces with Biophilia

The core essence of biophilic principles is to forge spaces that facilitate a deep connection with nature. Natural elements, including greenery, are often incorporated into commercial spaces to promote better air quality, stress reduction, and enhanced wellness. Open floor plan designs coupled with commercial glass walls enable a flawless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, supporting the flow of fresh air, natural light, and unobstructed views. This healthier and more invigorating environment attracts customers and retains employees longer. Whether open or closed, the transparent facade of all-season opening glass walls ensures a wealth of natural light within any space.

How Business Benefit from Opening Commercial Glass Walls to the Outside

restaurant commercial glass walls

Increase Restaurant ROI with an Improved Design

Restaurants stand to gain significantly from glass wall systems that create more usable space and promote open-air dining. Facilitate seamless transitions between outdoor high-traffic indoor and dining areas so that patrons can enjoy a cozy atmosphere with the feeling of the outdoors even when indoors. Commercial glass walls allow for fresh air ventilation and improved air quality, fostering a delightful dining ambiance. Benefit from repeat customers with an all-season destination that patrons want to linger in enticing those passing by to visit. With design flexibility being a critical factor in ROI, opening systems can feature unlimited door panels, and commercially rated and tested swing doors, and will significantly increase outdoor seating functionality. The systems are easy to operate and can feature ADA-compliant sills, promoting safe and seamless transitions in and out of the dining areas. Commercial glass walls can be outfitted with panic hardware, door closers, and higher kickplate and are tested and rated for forced entry security.

NanaWall commercial glass walls

Enhancing Hotels & Hospitality Venues - Create a Vision in Glass

Create seamless transitions between hotel interiors and exteriors. Unobstructed views and natural light create inviting atmospheres for guests. Maximize fresh air ventilation and create a rejuvenating environment that guests will love. Be it a rooftop bar, a spa area, a fitness center, or guestrooms and suites that open to balconies. Glass walls can morph any space into an airy open floor plan. Increase usable hotel space by opening walls and create more venues that open to the outside for added ROI (party and event rentals). Extend restaurants, bars, and lounge areas to the outdoors. Opening food and beverage to the grounds and pool entices guests to linger longer and consume more of the offerings. By designing large inviting entrances, hotels ensure a memorable first and lasting impression that immediately connects patrons to the lush ground and views. Foster a sleek and comfortable indoor environment, dampen sound, and keep out the elements.

Reimagine the underutilized space of hotel rooftops as additional amenities, like a rooftop bar and nighttime destination. Design with limitless layout possibilities and stand out from the competition with unique amenities that increase business and ROI. NanaWall systems feature the industry's only water rated, ADA-compliant low profile saddle sill, ensuring seamless barefoot transitions and protection from elements. These systems, independently tested, and rated for commercial use, are fully customizable. 

commercial glass wall storefront

Create the Most Appealing & Inviting Retail Storefronts

Retail storefronts play a vital role in commercial design and attracting customers. Large, moveable commercial glass walls optimize space, let in an abundance of natural light, increase ventilation, and improve business. Create welcoming and memorable entrances with completely disappearing storefronts and when open panels stack in a custom closet. This allows businesses to remove the barrier between customers and products. Increase ROI by attracting customers walking by and window shopping, with an approachable storefront guests can walk right into. Maximize retail floor space and pull merchandise displays right up to the store perimeter during opening hours. Systems like this HSW60 are marketplace tested, stand up to the daily commercial grind, and the challenges of wind, water, extreme temperatures, forced entry, impact, structural load, and feature secure, durable locking. Retail spaces can showcase storefronts whether the moveable glass wall partitions are open or securely closed after hours. Custom finishes, colors, and configurations are available to match and complement any brand style or aesthetic.

folding commercial glass walls

Boosting Sports Business and Revamping Event Venues

Commercial glass walls enhance the overall experience in sports and event venues by maximizing natural light and fostering a connection to the outdoors. Folding and sliding systems offer minimal sight lines, and fresh air circulation, intensifying the enjoyment of any event. With the flexibility of commercial glass walls, increase the circle of sight and optimize space to create different layouts and seating arrangements. NanaWall folding and sliding systems are the preferred design solution in stadiums across North America for popular sporting events, concerts, and marquee gatherings that are generally outdoors. Slimly framed systems provide clean lines and are perfect for stadium and arena suites, VIP sections, commentators’ areas, and press booths.

Create the ultimate fan experience. Whether incorporating sunlight and fresh air, or moonlight and stars, opening glass walls create unobstructed sightlines to the field for attendees, even when closed. Systems can stack out of the opening to transform sports stadiums into the ultimate indoor-outdoor game-watching venue. HSW60 Systems are expertly engineered and tested for long-term performance, and a lasting stadium experience. In the off-season, systems protect interior spaces and furnishings from exposure and unauthorized entry. 

sliding commercial glass walls for schools

Revitalize Learning Environments: Advantages of Opening Walls in Education

Eliminate closed-off and fixed walls, to create a dynamic collaborative space that maximizes every square foot. Generation 4 acoustical folding systems allow for unlimited opening sizes and space management with panels that can move and stack to the right, left, or center within the same track. Create flexible indoor-outdoor spaces, unique shapes, and open corners.  Pictured is a school where architects created a truly open corner to the outside with a single track sliding HSW60 System. NanaWall systems are also acoustically rated to reach up to unit OITC 37, offering distraction-free environments. Commercial glass walls are easy to operate and feature ADA-compliant sills, promoting safe and seamless transitions in and out of classrooms—a practical solution for teachers and students alike. 

How Business Benefit from Opening Walls Up on the Inside

interior commercial glass walls

Elevating Interiors, Transforming Offices, and Mixed-Use Spaces

Glass wall systems are the perfect solution for creating more amenities, usable space, and ROI in offices. They allow maximum natural light into the workspace, creating a brighter and more pleasant environment. Operable glass walls can facilitate a constant influx of daylight, flexible space, privacy, and acoustical control to foster a healthier, more productive work environment.

Provide the visibility of a window, with the privacy of a wall—so that all who work in your spaces can collaborate with focus, flexibility, and comfort. Creating adaptive work environments is essential for encouraging collaboration. Commercial glass walls create ROI by providing flexible spaces to work, maximizing transparency, and offering privacy in any office design. Business owners can separate workspaces into individual offices or pull them together into one large space or conference room. Interior folding and sliding systems are fully customizable and have frameless and privacy options, as well as acoustically rated options up to a unit STC of 45 to create productive office environments. They are easy to operate and feature ADA-compliant sills, promoting safe and seamless transitions in and out of high-traffic spaces.

flexible commercial glass walls

Enriching Educational Spaces with Interior Commercial Glass Wall Systems

Commercial glass walls can revolutionize educational settings by maximizing natural light, creating custom learning spaces, and versatile partitions. Optimize interior space by allowing layouts to be rearranged near-instantaneously. An abundance of natural light boosts concentration, mood, and academic performance among students. Studies have shown that when exposed to daylight and a dynamic rather than static space boosts students' learning capabilities 20-26 percent faster. Design dynamic classroom layouts to be able to merge classrooms into collaborative learning hubs. These systems are the perfect design solution for large openings, unique shapes, and even curved surfaces. Interior systems are acoustically rated to reach up to unit STC 45, and are easy to operate. 

commercial glass wall partitions

Creating Dynamic Interior Hotel Spaces 

Commercial glass walls offer transformative solutions for hotel interiors. Effortlessly separate a breakfast area from public spaces after service, and expand a restaurant, bar, or lounge area to accommodate varying occupant sizes. They enable the creation of more usable hotel space, maximize scenic views, and facilitate controlled access while preserving openness. They add flexibility to hotel dining areas, promote retail opportunities, showcase lobby offerings, and create privacy for business centers. In the realm of space management, these glass walls divide different areas like the reception, lobby, event spaces, and dining areas while enabling a comprehensive view from any part of the hotel. By doing so, they transform static spaces into fluid, adaptable environments, improving hotel business and ROI.

Customize Glass Systems to Improve Business Whether Interior or Exterior

exterior commercial glass wall systems

Performance-rated glass wall systems provide fully customizable solutions to suit the needs of any commercial project. Designs can be tailored for any specific requirements, such as sound attenuation, thermal insulation, or security. Whether it's a small office, a large restaurant, or a hotel, innovative folding or sliding glass systems seamlessly integrate with any architectural design or aesthetic and differentiate a building from its competition.

Choose from over 200 powder coats, privacy options, and frame materials including aluminum with options for inswing or outswing configurations. These all-season systems are rated and tested for harsh climates and are the industry’s only water-rated, ADA-compliant sill and offer triple glazed for thermal efficiency. Other features include swing doors that are independently tested to 500,000 cycles that can be placed where best to manage traffic patterns. They are rated for structural loads, security, and forced entry, as well as are the industry’s only water rated, ADA-compliant sill, that can meet any project requirements. Performance tested for durability, this is the perfect design solution to stand up to high-traffic areas and everyday commercial use. 

open corner commercial glass walls

Final Thoughts

Maximizing natural light, open-air, and open floor plan designs in commercial spaces is essential for improving business and creating welcoming, healthy, and productive environments. From restaurants and offices to hotels and educational institutions, opening glass systems provide numerous benefits, resulting in increased productivity, reduced stress levels, and overall improved well-being. They offer the flexibility to create functional and adaptable spaces that cater to the specific needs of each commercial project. Embrace the transformative power of commercial glass walls and open your commercial space to the beauty of natural light and open-air design. 

Discover how NanaWall innovative commercial glass walls can enhance your business and create an exceptional environment for employees, customers, and guests. Visit our extensive inspiration gallery for more commercial design ideas!